BetterBack: How to fix your bad back

In IT, pretty much everyone has a bad back from endless sitting, this simple device can not only bring relief but also retrain you to sit properly.


There’s one activity that dominates the athletic activities of pretty much everyone in IT and that activity is inactivity. Whether it’s in a car seat, a train, a bus, or in front of a computer, most of us are locked into a chair for 6 or more hours every day and what does this cost us? Along with all of the other health consequences (heart disease, muscle degeneration, strained necks, limp glutes (yewww), tight hips, … I could go on but it's pretty gruesome), sitting for long periods of time ruins our backs. We sit there every day squinting at our screens, slumped into postures that nature never intended us to hold for hours at a time then we wonder why we ache.

My back has given me trouble on and off for years and endless chiropractic sessions and evil myofascial release massages seem to keep the symptoms down but my poor posture keeps bringing ‘em back. I was just sent a product to try that addresses the issue of poor posture and back problems and I’m excited about it.

betterback 3

The product is BetterBack. Looking at the picture above, before you assume that this involves a trip to the dark side with bondage let me tell you that it works! I’ve used it a few times since it arrived and it already feels like my posture is improving. 



That said, unlike the gentleman in the photo, you will never find me using it in public. In the office, no problem (just think of what your co-workers do in their cubicles … wearing a BetterBack would hardly raise an eyebrow).

The BetterBack is a simple device that you wrap around your back then loop the straps over your knees. You next grab the free ends of the adjustment straps and pull on them until you’re sitting with a “stacked” spine. Voila! Your posture is now officially perfect. It will even help to correct your posture when sitting cross-legged.

The manufacturers claim that just 15 minutes per day is enough to train you to notice when you’re slumping while an hour per day will actually retrain your muscles so you sit properly. 

A clever aspect of the product design is that it folds and then zips up into a neat package making it excellent for travel. The BetterBack is priced at $59 and could well transform your life … or at least your back. BetterBack also gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.

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