How to Get Better Browsing

Ever come across of web site that won't let you copy or paste? Ever wanted to easily split your tabs into a specific screen layout? Here's how ...


I have two topics that will make your browsing more pleasurable. The first is a solution for the few remaining sites that block pasting into form fields and or copying text and graphics. While some sites do this to prevent having their content used in any way that the owner might not approve of, others, such as H&R Block, do it because they think blocking the ability to paste clipboard content into form fields is a security issue (it isn’t). 

This blocking is particularly annoying when it interferes with a password manager. The whole point of employing a password manager is to make it easy to use strong passwords so making users retype long, complex strings is beyond annoying. My favorite password manager, LastPass, isn’t affected by this but others may have problems with sites that attempt to block pasting. 

These annoyances are, however, fixable: For Chrome, there are two extensions: Don’t F**k with Paste, which enables pasting, and Allow Copy, which “will re-enable select, copy, paste and right click in any webpage using any copy protection.” I’ve found that you’ll need both of these plugins as Allow Copy apparently can’t defuse H&R Block’s blocking technique.


For Firefox, no add-ons are needed; just enter “about:config” in the address bar, then enter “dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled” in the search field. Now, double click on the single entry to change the setting's value to “false” and you’re done.

My other topic will increase your browsing pleasure by addressing a simple problem: How to automatically arrange browser tabs for side-by-side viewing. An answer for Chrome (thanks to Dave Griffith for pointing this out) is Tab Scissors which will move the current tab and all of the tabs to the right of it to another window and split the display exactly in half for each window. The one drawback is that pinned tabs in the right half will become unpinned. If you use Tab Scissor in either of the two windows, the selected window will be divided into two as well. Tab Glue is the opposite of Tab Scissors and collects all of tabs in all of the split windows back into a single window. 



Chrome Tab Resize Extension

Tab Resize is an even more flexible Chrome  browser windows manager capable of dividing and distributing the windows both horizontally and vertically (you’ll still want to use Tab Glue if you want to gather up all of the tabs into a single windows again).


Firefox Tile Tabs addon

The most impressive tiling extension has to be Tile Tabs available for both Chrome and Firefox which is even more flexible with layouts than anything else I’ve come across. If you’ve found something better, please let me know.

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