iPhone Rumor Rollup: Things You Can't Live Without; New life for headphone jack; battery booster

Apple CEO Tim Cook says there's nothing to see with those lower sales, but there will be quite the things to see in iPhone 7 and beyond

iPhone Rumor Rollup:
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While iPhone users might want it all – thinner, faster, indestructible –iPhone 7 might not quite have all those things, with Apple making the usual trade-offs between power and elegance.


The latest rumors, started via leaked photos on the Chinese Twitter (Weibo), suggest Apple has higher capacity batteries in the works for its next flagship smartphones: we’re talking 1735 mAH and 2810 mAH for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus vs. 1715 mAH and 2750 mAH for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (the 6 and 6 Plus actually had smaller batteries than their predecessors).

9to5Mac, picking up on the Weibo tip, notes that higher capacity doesn’t necessarily mean longer battery life, even though battery life continues to be a drag for many iPhone users. “Although additional capacity gives the device more power budget to play with, the efficiency of the components will influence the final battery life ratings,” 9to5Mac writes.

Perhaps with the increased availability of power-boosting iPhone cases, Apple figures it can still get away without significantly boosting battery life.


If there’s one thing we’ve known for sure about the iPhone 7 is that it would not include a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. It was even tipped in Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta code. But according to the latest scuttlebutt, even this sure thing isn’t to be believed.

Once again it is the dynamic duo of Weibo and 9to5Mac we have to thank for giving this story life. An image posted on Weibo seems to show an iPhone 7 component with a regular headphone jack. Rumor has had it that Apple would boldly ditch the 3.5mm jack and force customers to go with a proprietary Lightning connector-enabled headset, or perhaps better yet, Bluetooth-enabled wireless AirBuds.

Meanwhile, those who have invested heavily in nice headsets are hoping that they won’t have to buy another stupid adapter to prolong the life of their investments.


 Apple’s had a tough time of late on Wall Street after reporting a smartphone sales slump, but CEO Tim Cook assures us that everyone is overreacting. And of course, why wouldn’t people react to a company that prefaces everything it does with words like brilliant and magical and special?

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Cook attempted to get people in off their ledges by affirming with CNBC’s Jim Cramer that “We are going to give you things that you can’t live without, that you just don’t even know you need today.”

And who doesn’t want to see what that’s going to be. I don’t think he’s referring merely to Airbuds and a bigger battery.

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