What it takes to become a technology evangelist

Do you love technology? Is there a programming language, platform or application you can't stop talking about? Perhaps a career as a technology evangelist is in your future.

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At one point in his life, Michael Sage was a monk living in a monastery. Nowadays, though, he practices a different kind of evangelism in his job as a chief evangelist at BlazeMeter, a software load and performance-testing company.

You may have heard the term "evangelist," or even have such a role in your own company. The role is becoming increasingly important in a technology-driven economy where applications, software and Web platforms all compete for users' attention, says Michael Doonan, a partner at executive search firm SPMB.

"Specifically in technology, the evangelist role is becoming much more important. Imagine if you're a platform-as-a-service startup, and you come into the market with a platform on which applications can be built, or software or services delivered, that removes the need for companies to develop their own internal, proprietary platform. Small companies, like startups, will take you up on that because it's cheap, it's easy and it's flexible. But part of the problem is growth and scale -- how can you move up-market into larger enterprises and get that customers base? That's where evangelism comes in," Doonan says.

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