How to prepare to interview for a temporary position

In many ways interviewing for a contact position follows the same rules as interviewing for a full-time job, but there are several significant differences. Here’s how to prepare for a contract role in the gig economy.

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Temporary jobs are on the rise. According to research from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialist Intl., nearly three million people are employed in a temporary job with a projected 173,478 additional temp jobs expected to open up from 2016 to 2018. The study found that 47 percent of companies plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2016, and just under 60 percent of that group also plan to consider transitioning temporary workers to permanent employees at some point. Tech jobs are at the forefront of temporary work, with computer service representatives, computer user support specialists, software developers and application developers expected to see the most growth in contract jobs.

In some ways, the interview process for a temp or contract job is similar to that of a full-time job. Come prepared with resumes, arrive 10 or 15 minutes early and dress appropriately in a suit or appropriate outfit. Be sure to research the company ahead of time, ask specific questions that show you are listening to the interviewer and follow up in a timely fashion after the interview. However, although the actual process looks similar on the surface, the context of the interview is dramatically different for a temp job compared to a full-time job.

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