Ghost story blogger has kind words for Comcast

"I spent twenty minutes on the phone today with the nicest man from Xfinity Comcast"

It's not every day I come across positive sentiments about Comcast, so I thought I'd share this example that I stumbled upon in a local blog focused on, of all things, ghost stories.

Author Liz Sower writes realistic but fictional accounts of the paranormal at "Ghosts in the Burbs," and she caught my eye with this recent headline: Xfinity vs. Verizon. I thought for sure she was going to dive into haunted DSL or eerie broadband experiences.

But as it turns out, the ISP angle is slight in this story, in which Sower relays being frazzled during the middle of a house move.

It is a good move. It is an exciting move. But it is the very first move I have coordinated completely by myself for four people. I thought I had things under control, but then I spent twenty minutes on the phone today with the nicest man from Xfinity Comcast. I wanted to cancel our service, but he just couldn’t manage to access our account. It wasn’t his fault. We don’t have Xfinity Comcast cable service. We have Verizon cable service.

Needless to say, things are fraying a bit at the edges.

Indeed, perhaps the narrative of Comcast's bad reputation is even fraying -- the company is "no longer the least-popular ISP in the country," as colleague Jon Gold put it recently in a report about the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Although Comcast still has some spooked: One recent headline shared on our site from sister site PCWorld: "The Specter of Comcast as a wireless carrier is more than a little frightening."

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