Cracked spoofs wireless carriers' ads

Cracked spoofs wireless carriers' ads
Credit: Cracked/YouTube

"I'm going to try to convince you that we're better, even though we're comparable, just like everyone else."

It's open season on wireless carriers' silly and confusing commercials.

Sure, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile have been the butt of jokes for some time now, and justifiably so, for the flimflam they spew about their amazing speeds and bargain pricing. SNL, for example, skewered Verizon a few years back in a skit that depicted all the jargon spewed by Verizon as "an old person's nightmare."

Comedy Central's Amy Schumer more recently sent up those mobile phone ads that feature perky young women interacting with customers.

Sprint is practically mocking its own industry now too by hiring the same actor who used to ask "Can you hear me now?" for Verizon to shill its services.

And now we have Cracked's "When Mobile Providers are Actually Honest," an honest ad whose spokesman assures us that those colorful coverage maps are hooey, as is the marketing term 4G.

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