iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: beyond WWDC; Deep Blue; sharp-dressed thieves

iPhone 7 drumbeat goes on despite more immediate interest in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup:
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The really shocking iPhone 7 news this week would be if anything related to Apple’s next big smartphone were announced at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Yes,  big improvements to iOS and Siri are expected to be unveiled, and they will be important for iPhone 7, but we’re talking iPhone developments beyond that that might hit the market in the fall.

We’re talking about really crucial stuff, like phone color…

Goodbye gray, hello blue iPhone 7?

Speculation swirled late last week that Apple is plotting to ditch its Space Gray iPhone color for deep blue (undoubtedly with some grabby qualifier attached).  

The Mac Otakara blog got this gossip going after posting a deep blue render of an iPhone, and suggesting that Space Gray will go and that Silver/Gold/Rose Gold will stay. Rose Gold is the newest addition, having debuted with the iPhone 6s.

Not everyone things we’re in for a dramatic color change. “From my point of view, Apple has played so fast and loose with the term ‘space gray’ that this deep blue might be an evolution of the color,” opines 9to5Mac’s Seth Weintraub

Hello blue, hello iPhone thieves 

There’s something to be said for adding new colors, and that goes for employee uniforms, too.

DNAinfo reports that a man dressed as an Apple Store worker, working with an accomplice, walked off with 19 iPhones (a more than $16K value!) from the company’s SoHo shop, and he did it by dressing the part.

Donning one of those increasingly familiar blue shirts with the little white Apple logo on it apparently did the trick for this crook, according to police. Apple switched up its store employee uniforms early last year, according to 9to5Mac. And a quick browsing of eBay shows plenty of such shirts available for purchase by any fanboy, fangirl or fantheif.

AT&T saves day for Intel

The rumors of Intel mobile communications processors finding their way into the iPhone 7 have been going strong for months, and now Bloomberg confirms that this will be the case. Apple isn’t abandoning longtime supplier Qualcomm, but going with Intel as a second source only makes sense for a company that wants to cover its butt in case anything ever happens with Qualcomm or its processors.

Bloomberg reports (and none of the vendors involved are commenting) that the Intel modem chips will go into iPhone 7 phones for GSM networks such as AT&T’s US infrastructure. While Intel’s modem chips won’t go into iPhones for Verizon’s network, this is still a very big win for Intel, which could see AT&T move tens of millions of iPhones both this year and next, according to an industry analyst cited by Bloomberg.

Motorola beats Apple to punch

The rumor that Apple will ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of one based on its Lightning adapter technology has been strong, with only a bit of wavering of late from some sources.  But after all that, Motorola has grabbed headlines this week (“Moto Z beats iPhone 7 in the race to kill the headphone jack”) for not including a standard headphone jack in its new modular Moto Z and Z Force smartphones.

With phone makers thinning their devices, traditional headphone jacks are a casualty. Adapters are available to maintain wired earbuds, or just go Bluetooth all the way. Or, you might just find that Lightning headphones are the way to go (here’s a gushing review of such accessories on The Verge.)

All-in-1 iPhone 7 concept video

Geert van Uffelen stuffs many of the most repeated iPhone 7 rumors into one slick concept video with requisite ethereal background music featuring a rendering of the next big smartphone, complete with a dual camera on the back, dual speakers – and no dedicated headphone jack.

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