Top 16 jobs for digital and creative pros

Onward Search lists the 16 most in-demand digital positions of 2016.

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16 jobs for digital and creative pros

As the digital world sharpens its focus on customer service, user experience and seamless interaction, companies must adjust their workforces to get the necessary skills. So, what are the most in-demand roles in this new, consumer-focused, digital era? Product designer tops the list of top 16 most in-demand positions for 2016, compiled by digital and creative recruiting, search and staffing firm Onward Search based on data from their 10 U.S. offices and the hiring needs of their clients.

"In 2016, businesses are focused on going beyond the bare-bones digital offering; working to update their products, provide better customer service through nontraditional channels, and create the latest and most useful applications for their consumers. This data is a great example of how the market is continuing to evolve towards user experience, interaction and the creation of new products," says Mike Ondocin, president of Onward Search.

The "Top 16 for '16 Salary Guide" is a subset of data from Onward Search's 2016 All Star Salary Survey. The list is ranked based on data from Onward Search's 10 nationwide offices. Salary data was compiled through Onward Search's proprietary hiring data, combined with public information from Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Indeed; the rankings of top locations were based on job posting volume from Indeed and SimplyHired. Here are the top 16 most in-demand digital and creative roles, median salary and the top three geographical markets in the U.S., as ranked by Onward Search.

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