Investing in your employees’ career growth drives satisfaction

Think adding a ping-pong table and dry cleaning services will boost employee engagement? Think again. What your workforce really wants is the opportunity for career growth.

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Today's workforce is less concerned with perks like ping-pong tables, dry cleaning services and on-site massages than they are with their future, according to recent research. If your organization is struggling to attract and retain IT talent, perhaps it's time to rethink your benefits and perks strategy.

In the 2016 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study of the 7,096 HR and executives surveyed, 48 percent of respondents say engagement is a major area of focus in 2016. "Employee engagement, like culture, has become a CEO-level issue. Companies now compete to win 'best place to work' surveys and monitor social media carefully. There is an escalating war to design great workspaces, provide flexible benefits, and create great corporate cultures in an effort to drive higher engagement. Nearly nine in ten executives, or 85 percent, in this year's survey rated engagement as an important (38 percent) or very important (48 percent) priority for their companies," according to Deloitte's research.

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