New iPhone 7 leak provides our best look at Apple's next-gen smartphone

New iPhone 7 leak provides our best look at Apple's next-gen smartphone
Credit: Apple

With just about two months to go before Apple introduces the iPhone 7 to the world, recent product leaks have given us a pretty good idea of what to expect from Apple's next-gen smartphone—at least from a design point of view.

Over the past few weeks, we've certainly seen no shortage of spy shots and blurry shots of iPhone casings. But a recent leak courtesy of has given us our clearest look yet at we can expect from the iPhone 7's design.

As evidenced via the photo below, the antenna lines that we had to withstand on the iPhone 6 and 6s have thankfully been relegated to the sides of the device. In other words, the back of the iPhone 7 is incredibly smooth and sleek.

iphone 7

A leaked photo of the iPhone 7

You'll also notice that the size of the camera sensor is not only larger than it was on the iPhone 6s, but it also protrudes out to a greater degree. The takeaway from this is that the iPhone 7's camera may represent a huge step forward with respect to photo quality. And especially because the iPhone 7 may not introduce any revolutionary new features, there's a good chance that the camera on Apple's next-gen iPhone may be its key selling point this year.

Also noteworthy, and as we covered last week, the entry-level model on the iPhone 7 will reportedly see an increase from 16GB to 32GB.

A lack of exciting new features notwithstanding, we can still expect the iPhone 7 to sell quite well. Remember, the bulk of iPhone users are using devices that are bordering on 2 years old, if not older. In other words, the pool of iPhone users in the market for a brand-new iPhone upgrade is greater today than it's ever been before ahead of a new iPhone release.

That said, it's entirely reasonable to assume that iPhone 7 sales may still be strong even if they don't happen to be out-of-this-world spectacular. Indeed, we may have to wait until the iPhone 7s—with its rumored edge to edge display—before we see iPhone sales start skyrocketing once again.

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