Baguette vending machine is the greatest invention since sliced bread

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Credit: Le Bread Xpress

I can’t believe this exists. I certainly can’t believe it works well. But, heck, I’d pay good money to find out that I’m wrong. And San Franciscans now have the opportunity.

From a report on SFGate:

Shut down the tech industry because San Francisco now has the only new piece of innovation it ever needs: a vending machine that dispenses hot baguettes.

The Le Bread Xpress vending machine is up and running on Market and 15th at the new Myriad market hall. The baguettes are part-baked at a bakery and finished in the vending machine after you place your order.

Bet the name came to them in less time than it takes to bake bread.

The company website explains:

"We looked for the perfect baguette that I didn't find in the Bay area.  I then discovered a French baker who has built a micro-bakery to deliver freshly baked baguettes from the oven On-Demand 24/7.  I have decided to bring it in the US" says Benoit Herve, CEO and Founder.

Successfully tested in France since 2 years the concept is blooming in San Francisco. Le Bread Xpress is operating the 1st location @The Myriad 2175 Market Street-SF, and another location is coming soon.

And you can watch how it works (note the alleged cloud angle).

Now just take my money.

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