iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: 1 Billion reasons to care; Sept. 16 looms large

iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6se?) making more and more video appearances these days

iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: 1 Billion reasons to care; Sept. 16 looms large
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Rumors about Apple’s anticipated iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones are getting awfully specific these days, as we reportedly get within 5 or so weeks of the formal announcement.

Venture Beat reporter Evan Blass tweeted this week that he had confirmation Apple’s new iPhone pre-orders would begin on September 9th. He suggested followers “extrapolate the launch date from there,” and indeed, the masses have determined that Apple will likely announce its new products on Sept. 6 at a post-Labor Day event, and then make its new devices available come Sept. 16. And in fact, the reliable Blass had tweeted the previous week that Sept. 16 would be the date of Apple’s retail release.

Interestingly, one basic bit about the next great smartphone that’s still slightly fuzzy is what it will be called. A possible twist of Apple calling its next device the 6se, and saving the iPhone 7 moniker for a bigger bang next year to celebrate the smartphone’s 10th anniversary, has been floated. If so, I am not going back and changing all the headlines of past iPhone Rumor Rollups…

1 Billion iPhones Sold

Apple CEO Tim Cook held the actual (or at least symbolic) 1 billionth iPhone sold during an employee meeting in Cupertino on Wednesday, noting that “We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Apple didn’t immediately leverage the sale to highlight some amazing and magical customer as part of some sort of mini-documentary commercial. But the news of Number 1 billion itself at least provided a distraction for those otherwise paying attention to Apple’s acknowledgement in its financial results that the number of iPhones sold fell 15% in the most recently ended quarter vs. the comparable period last year, or to fresh market numbers from the likes of IDC that show Samsung and its Galaxy S7 line outselling Apple and the iPhone these days

The good news for Apple is that the iPhone 7 is around the corner, so it can argue that slow sales of late are due to people waiting for the new phone to arrive. What’s more, Apple has been putting more and more resources into services, like Apple Music, to balance things out financially in the face of an increasingly saturated smartphone market. Apple revealed in its financial results that it has upped the percentage of revenue it devotes to R&D ($2.56B this past quarter), and CEO Cook let it be known during Apple’s earnings call that he finds Pokemon Go and other such augmented reality technologies “really great.”

If it’s in a Video it must be true…

Videos showing iPhone 7 mockups and purported parts are coming fast and furious these days. The story goes that iPhone suppliers’ schematics leak to outfits that make Apple knockoffs and accessories, and those outfits just can’t keep a good secret. 

Enterprising gadget blog TechnoBuffalo got its paws on a dummy Rose Gold unit supposedly from an Apple factory in China and shows off the 4.7-inch aluminum model in the video embedded below.  The downer here is that the device looks mighty similar to the iPhone 6 and 6s – the big changes, such as to storage and the battery, are tucked deep inside the phone… so can only be described, not shown.

Also making an appearance on video is an intriguing and potentially frustrating new iPhone add-on – a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack dongle – that would fit with strong rumors Apple plans to dump the traditional headphone jack as it pushes a move to wireless headphones. Even celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton is fired up about this possible Apple move.

And while the dongle might last forever in the video below, Boy Genius Report nails the reality of this possible add-on with this headline: “I am going to lose the iPhone 7’s dumb headphone adapter in 3 seconds flat”

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