StayblCam, a cheap way to improve your crappy video technique

Simple, robust, and low cost, the StayblCam stabilizer will make your tracking video shots smooth and professional-looking

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The explosion of videos created by consumers using  smartphones and action cams  has been astounding but one thing is obvious: Most of the footage is terrible. It seems that to many people the concept of framing their subject is a an alien concept and the value of a smooth tracking shot pretty much unknown (it seems that way too many videos we see were shot by people suffering from uncontrollable seizures). Perhaps one day smartphone and action cam video systems will have built-in AI that will frame shots expertly as they automatically compensate for the shaking but until then, anyone who wants to produce decent video footage needs to get the right tools and techniques.

First of all, remove that layer of grease and ick from the lens. Go on, just give it a quick wipe. When it’s covered with a fine layer of grease from your Happy Meal fries and then fished out of your lint-laden pocket, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the optical performance will be subpar. 

Second, try to keep your camera pointed in the direction of whatever you're trying to video. Don't get distracted, don't wave the arm holding your camera around to attract your subject's attention, and don't try to run or jump unless you want your video watching audience to get motion sickness.

Now, go and buy a StayblCam video stabilizer. The StayblCam is a simple but very effective gadget that provides a counterbalance making it dead easy to produce smooth tracking shots with your smartphone or action cam.

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The StablyCam works with smartphones and action cams

The StayblCam is a simple device consisting of one weighted end connected by a telescoping section with a gimbaled grip at the center to a camera mount at the other end. The entire device is water- and weatherproof. Before extending, it’s just 11 inches long and fractionally less than 2 inches in diameter and weighs about 1 pound. The camera mount comes with a friction grip head to hold smartphones up to 11/16 inches thick and weighing up to 1 pound. If you unscrew the head you’ll find a standard 0.25” screw thread for mounting adapters for devices such as GoPro cameras.

To use the StabylCam, you mount your smartphone or action cam, then, holding it horizontally, extend the telescoping section until the camera and weighted end are balanced. You then hold the gimbal using your thumb and forefinger and use your middle and ring fingers (or ring and little fingers) to damp the pendulum motion of the system. You can use the StayblCam with the camera above or below your stabilizing hand or even horizontally and with a little practice (very little) you’ll find that your shots are much smoother and far less jittery. Here’s a quick how-to:

Professional and prosumer stabilizing systems are great and produce excellent result but they're complicated and with price tags starting over $500 you’ll probably find them hard to justify unless you’re doing a lot of serious videography. The StayblCam is an great alternative because it's simple, robust, easy to use, produces great results, and costs just $74.95. Whether you're making videos at work or at home, this is a cost-effective, practical way to get smooth motion shots. We’ll give the StayblCam a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5. 

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