9 things great project leaders do every day

Every project leader is different, from their thought processes to their daily interactions, but there are a few things that great ones do every day that just might set them apart from the rest.

great project leaders skillset
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Great project leaders make waves

Making waves shouldn't be confused with making trouble or making problems, as it is often seen. Great change can only come about when project leaders remain in a constant and conscious state of continuous improvement. They make waves by performing the following tasks and services.

  • Consistently identifying and discussing process improvements
  • Continually looking to reinforce best practices
  • Remaining transparent about problems as they arise with sponsors and stakeholders
  • Directly addressing conflict as they arise
  • Redirecting focus back to the client/stakeholder whenever necessary
  • If beneficial to project outcomes, they seek opportunities to share project experiences and lessons learned with stakeholders, other leaders, team members and sponsors
  • Standing up for what's ethical, fair, and right, even when it may not be popular

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