iPhone 8 may feature a curved OLED display

iPhone 8 may feature a curved OLED display
Credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar

Based on no shortage of product leaks and rumblings from the rumor mill, the iPhone 7 design will in large part be similar to what we've already seen on Apple's iPhone 6 and 6s models. In fact, there will likely be only two minor design changes on Apple's next-gen iPhone: the removal of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and the migration of the iPhone's antenna lines from the back to the side of the device.

In turn, it's only natural that some industry analysts have expressed concern that the current iPhone design is getting a little bit long in the tooth. Compounding matters is the fact that surveys have suggested that current iPhone owners would be more inclined to upgrade with a completely new design as opposed to the standard introduction of improved internals.

As it turns out, Apple hasn't lost any of its design prowess; we'll just have to wait a bit to see it manifest itself in a brand-new product. Bolstering previous reports, the Nikkei Asian Review earlier this week published a report indicating that Apple's 2017 iPhone (likely to be called the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 8) will feature a curved OLED display similar to what Samsung incorporated on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Of particular interest is that not every iPhone model in Apple's 2017 lineup will be graced with the exciting new redesign. On the contrary, Nikkei adds that Apple's curved display iPhone will only be available as a 5.5-in. premium model. If this pans out, Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup will consist of a 4.7-in. model, a 5.5-in. Plus model, and a 5.5-in. premium model with all the bells and whistles iPhone enthusiasts have patiently been waiting for.

Other iPhone 8 rumors have pointed to Apple's 2017 iPhone featuring an edge-to-edge display with an embedded home button underneath the display. To wit, well-connected blogger John Gruber said the following during a May episode of his The Talk Show podcast:

I think next year’s phone, the 2017 model, the one that will come out in September of 2017. What I have heard, now this is not really from the rumor mill but just scuttlebutt that I’ve heard, is that it will be an all-new form factor.

And there have been some rumors, I guess, but what I’m saying is that I’ve heard this independently, and it is completely getting rid of the chin and forehead of the phone. The entire face will be the display. And the Touch ID sensor will be somehow embedded in the display. The front-facing camera will somehow be embedded in the display. The speaker, everything. All the sensors will somehow be behind the display.

What I don’t know, and I have no idea, is whether that means that they’re going to shrink the actual thing in your hand to fit the screen sizes we already have or whether they’re going to grow the screens to fit the devices we’re already used to holding… I don’t know.

Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 may not be incredibly exciting, but it appears Apple will have surprises in store for us come next year.

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