How CloudHealth Technologies keeps your clouds healthy

CHT is a cloud manager for all your cloud management tools.

cht boston
Credit: Brandon Butler

The world of cloud management is a fractured and busy one. There are cloud managers that help you control costs, ones that help you track usage, ones that monitor performance and others that provide infrastructure provisioning.

Cloud Health Technologies Founder and CTO Joe Kinsella saw an opportunity in the market four years ago for another type of cloud management product: One that integrates all of those disparate cloud management tools together and provides centralized visibility into them. CloudHealth Technologies was born.

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Today CHT is a fast-growing cloud management company. It integrates with services such as Chef, Puppet, Datadog and New Relic – each of which are tools that specialize in a specific area of expertise (Chef and Puppet for automation; Datadog and New Relic for data management). CHT sits a layer above these tools and provides customers with a single pane of glass to view and get reports from all the tools they use to control their IaaS cloud. CHT aggregates data from various point-specific tools but also allows users to easily dig deeper by taking users directly to those products. CHT will even make recommendations based on trends it sees and can be setup to make changes to an IaaS environment automatically. In addition to automation and data management, CHT partners with security vendors and offers its own cost tracking services for IaaS clouds. CHT integrates with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It also now offers a version to track the health of private clouds that sit on customers’ premises too.

Cloud Chronicles visited CHT this week in the company’s downtown Boston offices and snapped the beautiful photo above from right outside their offices.

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