Why your smartphone is sicker than a room full of snotty toddlers

Report: Mobile device malware surging, getting more sophisticated (includes audio)

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If you thought your smartphone was safe(r) from the wild west of malware, spyware and other viruses compared with the PC space, think again. A new report from Nokia proclaims a “sharp rise in the occurrence of smartphone malware infections” in the first half of 2016.

Taking the big hit are smartphone infections, which now account for 78% of all infections across the mobile network, says Nokia in its latest Nokia Threat Intelligence Report. The report is compiled by the company’s Threat Intelligence Lab, which aggregates anonymous data across global mobile networks using its Nokia NetGuard Endpoint Security product. Along with traffic monitor that detects malware command-and-control traffic and exploit attempts (among other attacks), the lab also keeps a database of the latest malware to analyze how attacks occur.

In the following audio podcast, I chat with Kevin McNamee, head of the Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab, about some of the report’s major findings, and what consumers and enterprise IT groups can do to prevent their smartphones from becoming infected (to grab a copy of the report, head here)

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