iPhone 8 rumor rollup: Yes, already

Everyone is asking: Should you bypass iPhone7 and wait for 8?

iPhone 8 rumor rollup: Yes, already
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With the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now officially old news before they are even available, it's on to iPhone 8.

At least according to so many headlines:

*Fortune: "Many looking past iPhone 7 to next year's iPhone 8"

*MacRumors: "Apple still working to perfect wireless charging technology for 'iPhone 8'"

*NBC News: "Should you wait... for the iPhone 8?"

*Boy Genius Report: "Apple's iPhone 8 will feature the radical redesign we've been waiting for"

The gist of the reports is that sure, Apple has introduced faster smartphones with better camera and other technologies in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but 2017's 10th anniversary iPhone 8 is where the real breakthroughs are expected. The feeling is that Apple is saving up the really good stuff, that 2017's phones will pack the big design upgrades that Apple traditionally has revealed every two years, not every three years, as will be the case with iPhone 8 (if it's called that).

Among the attractions with iPhone 8 are expected to be a glass body (instead of aluminum), edge-to-edge OLED display, iris-scanning for security, long-range wireless charging and an even less intrusive home button. Design concept artists have already pumped out videos sharing their visions of what the iPhone 8 might feature (See: "iPhone 8 -- the video Apple doesn't want you to see")

Apple hopes customers won't hold off at all, and rather will sign up for its upgrade plan by which they can upgrade to the next phones whenever they come out.

If Apple were to go all out and reveal iPhone 8 on the actual anniversary of the first iPhone introduction by Steve Jobs back on Jan. 9, 2007, it had better be really far along. Might Apple mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's release -- June 29, 2017 -- with a blockbuster announcement? Now that's not out of the question at all.

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