A satisfying tale of sleuthing, justice

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Credit: Christian Hascheck

Texas-born Christian Hascheck teaches computer science in Vienna, Austria when not working on his own projects, which include a novel grading system. In 2012, he won $500 worth of Apple gift cards for a funny sysadmin story about ferreting out a not terribly sophisticated rogue Wi-Fi operation.

Then the move aboard. He tells the story on his blog:

Since then I have repeatedly tried to use or sell (the cards) but since I'm not currently living in the US it wasn't possible for me.

My last attempt to sell them was via reddit. I know there are a lot of scammers out there, so I thought Bitcoin would be the right choice since the scammer can't just reclaim their money after I gave them the card codes.

I talked a bit with a few potential buyers but some didn't respond after a time or didn't want to pay more than 50% of what the cards were worth.

The scammer’s first contact came via reddit. His usernames are changed (here) for reasons you'll find out later. Since I had nothing to hide I gave them my real identity to build trust.

Yes, he got ripped off, but the scammer picked the wrong target this time.

It’s a long story, but well worth the read.

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