Boo! iPhone 7 hissing for some customers

Fingers being pointed at iPhone 7's powerful new A10 Fusion processor, but we're still at the conjecture stage

Between the new AirPods and stereo speakers, audio was one of the biggest stories with the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But it was hissing sounds reportedly coming from the new phones when their A10 Fusion CPU is under heavy load that were grabbing headlines over the weekend.

Apple hasn't formally addressed the reported hissing sounds yet, though has responded to customer complaints, which have started popping up online since the smartphone became available on Friday. 

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Supposedly you do have to put the phones right up to your ear to really hear the hissing sound, but nevertheless, the noise is worrisome for those who just plunked down hundreds for the device.

Fingers are being pointed by some at the A10 Fusion processor, which makes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus run 40% faster, as well as more efficiently, than the previous models.

Some suggest the issue could be "coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects," reports Engadget.

The hissing sound has been described by those affected as being akin to a fan whirring on an overtaxed computer, though the iPhone doesn't have a fan.

Meanwhile, DIY solutions are emerging from those affected:

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