Network Performance On Demand

Organizations today need speed and reliability, but also want flexibility and freedom to adjust their services levels and costs to meet changing needs. As health care providers shift to electronic records and files, they’re finding the need to scale up network performance but in a cost-conscious environment are wary about locking themselves into expensive options they need only for high-peak periods.

For the Austin Cancer Center, huge imaging files can be a vital component of diagnosis and treatment. But moving large data sets such as digital PET scan images of a gigabyte or more between the 12 campuses in the system would create a huge bottleneck over most enterprise Ethernet LANs, or a huge expense to create peak capacity that is often underutilized.

With AT&T Network on Demand, the Austin Cancer Center is able to send large image files in real time, speeding up quality of care in areas such as radiation oncology. But it is able to do so in a variable way that scales bandwidth as needed. That means that key services can be kept in-house, providing patients with rapid access to key information.

Software-defined networking solution

AT&T Network on Demand is the first of its kind software-defined networking solution in the U.S. and was introduced first into the Austin market. Now available in more than 100 US cities, it provides organizations with an online self-service portal through which they can easily add or change services, scale bandwidth to meet changing needs and manage their network all in near real time.

Current AT&T Switched Ethernet customers can start taking advantage of these benefits by utilizing AT&T’s on-demand hybrid capability that enables the interconnection of existing AT&T Switched Ethernet ports with new on-demand Ethernet ports.

AT&T Network on Demand ensures organizations can quickly add or change services, order additional sites, ramp up bandwidth capacity and manage their networks in real time. That provides a new foundation to intelligently plan and react to business changes easily. Installation times have been scaled down from weeks to days.

Scale bandwidth as needed

With AT&T Network on Demand, Austin Cancer Center is able to quickly scale its bandwidth from standard 10Mbps up to 100 Mbps when needed, simply by moving a slider on its portal.

As Health IT Outcomes reported, “Austin Cancer Center has seen patient scan transfer times that once took up to a day drop to less than five minutes. Physicians can view scans in near real-time with their patients in one appointment.”

The software driven network provides the flexibility and freedom to connect sites, workgroups and applications faster and more securely; where needed, when needed, and as needed. Ethernet can be configured as a private line connecting two locations or a meshed network connecting hundreds of sites.

“When a person trusts you with their life, you want the best resources available to make quick, informed decisions,” writes Austin Cancer Center CIO Jason Lindgren. “‘You have cancer,’ are difficult words to say. When we say them at the Austin Cancer Center, we’re confident we have the latest technology to ensure the best results possible for our patients.”

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