Possible ‘glitch’ summons woman for jury duty 9 times in 12 years

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Credit: Cleveland 19 News

A woman from Ohio tells a Cleveland TV station that she has been summoned for jury nine times in the past 12 years.

"Usually what I do is snap a picture (of the summons) and send it to my friend, like, again!" she says. From that TV station story:

Administrative judge for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court John Russo says that people are supposed to get called about every two years. According to him, jury selection is random, with 300 names picked electronically per week based on voter registration. But Russo says there could be a glitch with addresses that would put your name back in the pot too soon.

Nine times in 12 years? Might want to have someone take a look for that glitch.

By the way, my own history regarding jury selection is decidedly different. Having been eligible for 40 years now, having lived that entire time in the same state, having moved only once in the past 20 years and a couple more prior, I have been called to serve only twice … and actually served not a single minute of a single trial.

Might be a glitch here, too, but there's no reason for anyone to go hunting for it.

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