What’s the one thing Amazon will not manufacture? Guns

Amazon Web Service’s CEO Andy Jassy makes it clear that Amazon is willing to make just about anything, except firearms

Andy Jassy AWS Amazon cloud
Credit: Amazon

Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy made some bold claims about the cloud computing market during a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal this week and left open the possibility for Amazon to enter almost any new market, except for one.

In response to a question about if there’s anything Amazon would not make, Jassy reportedly responded: “Manufacturing guns.”

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The comment seemed to be a sort of off-the-cuff remark to reinforce the notion that the company that began as an online bookseller and then turned into the leader of the IaaS cloud computing market could enter many other markets in the future. There was a lot of talk at the conference, for example, about driverless cars which

Jassy also admitted that some Amazon products have not been as much of a hit as the company was hoping for. At one point during the interview he reportedly said, “You could argue our phone wasn’t a huge success.” There’s value to trying new things though, adding that he’s optimistic about Amazon’s brick and mortar book stores that have begun to open around the country. “We’re working on our next big failures,” he said.

Jassy used much of the forum to boast about the company's IaaS public cloud, and particularly the security of it, noting that large infrastructure providers should be able to provide better security than their customers. The comments come less than a week after a massive botnet attack took down managed DNS server company Dyn last week.

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