Review: 7 PDF editing tools for iOS and Android

It’s not enough to read a PDF on your mobile device anymore -- you have to be able to sign it, copy it or edit it. These apps can help.

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The PDF format has long been the standard for legal papers, forms and other documents -- as a result, iOS and Android phones and tablets tend to come with basic PDF readers. However, many users need to do more than just read PDFs -- they need to create and edit PDFs on the move. In this roundup, I look at what I consider the most useful PDF editors for mobile devices.

pdf expert 5 by readdle Readdle

Good PDF editors let you take a photo of a paper form, fill out fields, sign it and send it off in just a few minutes. Annotation tools let you highlight key points and type or handwrite comments. More apps are starting to support styluses such as the iPad Pro's Pencil as well as those used by Microsoft's Surfaces and Samsung's Galaxy Note phablets. More sophisticated tools include the ability to rotate, move or delete pages; a few even let you combine two PDFs or split a few pages out into a new PDF when you don't want to share the whole document.

But choosing the best PDF editor can get confusing -- not only due to which features are included, but because of the way they're priced. More expensive apps usually, but don't always, include a full range of features; meanwhile, free apps may have ads that mean you can't see as much of your document as you'd like -- and in-app purchases for extra features can quickly add up.

Check out these seven PDF editors for Android and/or iOS to see which may work for you.

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