Google partners with Intel to build machine learning cloud chips and adds a new exec

Intel will build custom processors for Google’s cloud; Sam Ramji joins Google from the Cloud Foundry Foundation

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Google Cloud Platform solidified its partnership with Intel and announced plans to create customized silicon chips for tasks like machine learning, security, container orchestration and the Internet of Things, while bringing on a new executive to help the company flush out its strategy.

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The Cloud Foundry Foundation announced that its former executive director, Sam Ramji has joined Google in a leadership position, but his new title is not yet know. Cloud Foundry Foundation is the home of the open source application development platform of the same name. Companies like Pivotal and IBM base their PaaS off CF. Google cloud is also the preferred public cloud for Pivotal’s hosted CF version.

As for the Google-Intel partnership, it’s important for both companies. For Intel, it reinforces the dominate silicon vendor as a major arms dealer for Google’s data centers. Intel has strong ties with Amazon Web Services too.

For Google, it means the company will be able to co-develop silicon for specific applications. It names machine learning, internet of things, security and application container orchestration as some areas it hopes to work with Intel on.

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Scott Guthrie, the executive vice president in charge of Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise division, greets Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin on stage at the Microsoft Connect conference in New York City on November 16, 2016.

The two announcements come as Microsoft this week announced it will join the Linux Foundation, further cementing the company’s commitment to open source.

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Not to be outdone, AWS announced a handful of relatively iterative advancements to its cloud this week, including a new feature that will allow customers to aggregate third-party billing into a single payment to the company. This means if customers use select SaaS applications atop their Amazon cloud, then they will have one consolidated bill compared to managing multiple bills from various vendors.

Expect much more from Amazon soon as the company will host its re:Invent conference the week after Thanksgiving.

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