New products of the week 2.6.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Fortinet and Flashpoint.


New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

corsa (One-Time Use)

Red Armor NSE7000

Key features: For large-scale networks where multiple 10G and 100G ports are at play, Red Armor NSE7000 DDoS enforcement shuts down escalating DDoS attacks that include high-rate volumetric and network protocol attacks. More info.

020617 tenable
tenable (One-Time Use)

Key features: is the industry's first cloud-based vulnerability management platform with an elastic asset-based licensing model to secure today's modern environment, including traditional and evolving assets like containers and web applications. More info.

eiq networks (One-Time Use)

SOCVue Patch Management

Key features: SOCVue Patch Management provides patch scanning, analysis, reporting, and remediation at a fraction of the cost of alternative on-premises solutions that require in-house management, process, and expertise to be effective. More info.

distill networks (One-Time Use)

Distil Networks Universal ACL

Key features: The web application security industry’s first Access Control List helps website defenders manage and apply whitelists and blacklists across online applications with the ability to block based on device fingerprints. More info.

flashpoint (One-Time Use)

Flashpoint Advisory Services: BRI Services Practice and Strategic Engagement Services Practice

Key features: Both practices further empower Flashpoint to serve as a trusted adviser to its customers, helping them to mature their intelligence operations/capabilities while garnering more value out of Flashpoint’s intelligence. More info.

fortigate3980 2
Fortinet (One-Time Use)

FortiGate 3980E

Key features: The FortiGate 3980E enterprise firewall is the world’s first Terabit per second network security appliance, delivering Ixia-validated 1.12 Tbps firewall performance in addition to 470Gbps secured VPN throughput. More info.

Google (One-Time Use)

G Suite Enterprise edition

Key features: Administrators now have more access to enforce security key usage, data loss prevention in Google Drive and Gmail, S/MIME for Gmail and additional insights by connecting Gmail to BigQuery. More info.

hiringsolved (One-Time Use)


Key features: Leverages companies’ own candidate data to automate labor intensive parts of the recruiting process. TalentFeed+ refreshes employee data in internal ATS and CRM with data from the public web. More info.

fortigate7060 2
Fortinet (One-Time Use)

FortiGate 7060E

Key features: Fortinet’s FortiGate 7060E enterprise firewall is a modular, chassis-based firewall that delivers 100Gbps NGFW throughput and flexible configuration options to suit data center, service provider and large enterprise deployments. More info.

ironscales (One-Time Use)


Key features: IronShield is a toolbar plugin for Microsoft Outlook, using deep scans and machine learning to scan emails at the mailbox level, automatically validating sender reputation and authenticity while identifying anomalous communications. More info.

lockpath (One-Time Use)

Keylight Platform 4.6

Key features - In version 4.6 of Keylight, LockPath adds a new streamlined design to the platform to provide more reporting options and to create greater visibility for customers. More info.

mimecast (One-Time Use)

Mailbox Continuity

Key features: Strengthens customers’ cyber resilience by automatically detecting a Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite by Google Cloud email outage or disruption and enabling rapid mitigation. More info.

oneidentity (One-Time Use)

Active Roles 7.1

Key features: Active Roles 7.1 is a single console that conquers the security and management challenges organizations face as they grapple with the complexities of hybrid Active Directory/Azure Active Directory environments. More info.

neuvector (One-Time Use)


Key features: The zero-config NeuVector application provides continuous Docker container security backed by behavioral learning, adapting to fluctuating container environments. More info.

progress (One-Time Use)

Progress Telerik DevCraft

Key features: New product capabilities support the latest programming frameworks and IDEs, including Angular, Visual Studio 2017, jQuery 3, ASP.NET Core and Xamarin, as well as new tooling for faster desktop development. More info.

project44 (One-Time Use)


Key features: connectNG is the next generation of project44’s supply chain visibility and connectivity platform. Enhancements include a refresh of project44’s core service APIs, greater cloud security and the ability to normalize disparate data sets. More info.

startech (One-Time Use)

USB-C Multi Card Reader

Key features: The multi-card reader connects to the device or laptop via USB-C cable and supports file transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. It provides users with a convenient and flexible way to access, swap, back-up and archive data, images and videos. More info.

sencha (One-Time Use)

Sencha Test 2.0

Key features: Sencha Test 2.0 empowers organizations to deliver high-quality web apps via deeper integration with Ext JS, integration with WebDriver for multi-page testing, faster test creation, and cross-browser simultaneous test execution. More info.

tanium (One-Time Use)

Tanium Integrity Monitor

Key Features: Tanium Integrity Monitor simplifies regulatory compliance and makes file integrity monitoring more effective enterprise wide. By consolidating point tools, compliance and security teams become more efficient through the speed, scale, and completeness of the Tanium platform. More info.

loom (One-Time Use)

Loom Ops

Key features: An AI-powered operational analytics platform used for real-time detection and resolution for any application. It instantly analyzes logs and semi-structured machine data for immediate visibility into a company’s digital environment.

looking glass (One-Time Use)

ScoutShield Threat Intelligence Gateway

Key features: ScoutShield is an automated, high assurance, zero-touch, security appliance designed to operationalize threat intelligence into an organization’s network delivering threat mitigation to address the evolving cyber landscape of sophisticated attacks. More info.

threat quotient (One-Time Use)

ThreatQ 3.0

Key features: The ThreatQ 3.0 threat intelligence platform empowers security operations and threat analyst teams to customize, prioritize and make use of threat intelligence within the context of their specific environment. More info.

threatstack 2
threatstack (One-Time Use)

Cloud Security Maturity Packaging Model for Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform (CSP)

Key features: New Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform (CSP) packaging is designed to align with the Cloud Security Maturity Model phases: Auditing the environment; Continuously monitoring and alerting; Investigating events and remediation. More info.

webroot (One-Time Use)

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection

Key features: Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection controls web access at the domain layer for any on-network device, user or guest. Sets up in minutes, doesn’t add latency, reduces web malware and infections. More info.

zenefits (One-Time Use)

Zenefits Winter Release: Powerful New Apps and 10 New Partners

Pricing: The Bronze plan will continue to offer free basic HR and benefits administration to small businesses while the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans offer premium HR apps and services.

Key Features: On the heels of Zenefits' industry-defining Z2 launch, the company’s Winter Release features a fully integrated HR compliance app, a sophisticated new documents app, new mobile capabilities, 10 new platform integrations, expanded payroll availability and a new simplified pricing structure.

wti (One-Time Use)

Vertical Mount 240V Power Transfer Switch

Key features: A space-saving power redundancy solution for 240V AC single inlet devices. Adds power fallback capabilities without sacrificing rack space. Twelve IEC C13 outlets plus two IEC C19 outlets. More info.

xebia (One-Time Use)

XebiaLabs 6.1

Key features: XebiaLabs 6.1 introduces new code-centric features that let teams define releases entirely with code in addition to using the familiar visual UI. It also offers easy integration with Jenkins 2.0. More info.

zudy (One-Time Use)

Zudy – Vinyl

Key Features: enables large organizations to build mobile or web apps in a matter of days rather than months for any device and operating system. With Vinyl’s end-to-end development environment, enterprises can create applications without writing a single line of code – allowing IT teams to cultivate new ideas that bring true value to the enterprise. More info.

freewave (One-Time Use)

ZumLink Z9-C & Z9-T

Key features: ZumLink Z9-C and Z9-T are serial radio modules for OEM and Embedded applications, ideally suited for unmanned systems and other industrial machinery that require highly reliable, high-speed data communications and networking. More info.