New products of the week 2.13.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Cisco and Forescout.

Credit: Zenoss
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: alienvault
USM Anywhere

Key features: a SaaS security monitoring solution that centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments. More info.

Credit: acronis
Acronis Backup 12

Key features: Acronis Adds Microsoft Office 365 Backup to Acronis Backup 12, World's Easiest and Fastest Data Protection for Small Businesses. The new technology extends the number of supported platforms to 16, making Acronis Backup 12 the most complete data protection solution available to small businesses today.

Credit: archive
Archive2Anywhere Connector for Barracuda Message Archiver

Key features: Archive2Anywhere is the first-and-only solution that enables the direct migration of any legacy email archive into the Barracuda cloud (can run 40+ parallel mailbox extractions; over 2.5 TBs/day). More info.

Credit: apcon

Key features – ApconTaps are available in a variety of speeds including 1G, 10G, and the new 40G and 100G in single mode, multi-mode and bidirectional configurations to accommodate any size network deployment. More info.

Credit: bluedata
BlueData EPIC winter release

Key features: This new release delivers several new enhancements for data science operations, bringing DevOps agility and collaboration to data science teams as well as support for new machine learning use cases. More info.

bluemedora cassandra
Credit: bluemedora
SelectStar Apache Cassandra Monitoring

Key features: SelectStar now provides Cassandra performance monitoring in a single view with an organization’s database environments. More info.

bluemedora selectstar
Credit: bluemedora
SelectStar Apache Hadoop Monitoring

Key features: SelectStar now provides enterprise-class Hadoop performance monitoring in a single view with an organization’s database environments. More info.

Credit: cazena
Cazena Data Science Sandbox as a Service

Key features: Data scientists can now run a wide range of analytics with best-in-breed analytics engines in a flexible cloud environment without having to build, manage or maintain the underlying technology. More info.

Credit: box
Box API Navigator - An interactive tool for learning the Box API

Key features: API Navigator is a web application that allows you to explore how Box Platform can be integrated into an application using Box APIs. More info.

Credit: cato
Cato Cloud, SD-WAN Edition

Key features: Cato Cloud, SD-WAN Edition is a service connecting offices, cloud resources, and mobile users to MPLS or Cato’s SLA-backed backbone without routers or security appliances. More info.

Credit: cisco

Key features: Catena provides multi-terabit/s application chaining, traffic segregation, multi-tenancy, load-balancing for a large number of physical or virtual appliances. User can create a number of chains, and seamlessly insert appliances. More info.

Credit: coststorage

Key features: estimates the cost of storing data on S3, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Oracle and more in seconds. is a free tool that makes it simple to compare object storage services and rates in a single view. More info.

crestron digital
Credit: crestron
DigitalMedia NVX Series

Key features: DigitalMedia NVX is an infinitely scalable high-performance software-defined matrix that makes it possible to transmit 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet, with no latency. More info.

crestron mercury
Credit: crestron
Crestron Mercury

Key features: Mercury is an all-in-one console that transforms meeting rooms into highly effective collaboration spaces. It combines all the must-have conferencing and collaboration features with fast, secure cloud deployment and management. More info.

Credit: conga
Conga Composer for Enterprise

Key features: Conga Composer for Enterprise can tap into unlimited external data sources, seamlessly integrates with select cloud security providers, and allows for a fully customized Composer interface to reflect company branding. More info.

Credit: dh2i
DxEnterprise version 16 (v16)

Key features: With new support for Oracle databases on Windows, users can create stateful containers for new and existing Oracle databases using the portable universal Vhost container technology of DxEnterprise. More info.

Credit: cyberreason
The Cybereason Total Endpoint Protection Platform

Key features:  Cybereason has added next-generation antivirus (NGAV) functionality, enabling organizations to utilize a single agent for signature and signature-less detection and prevention and  automatically prevent threats at all stages of an attack. More info.

Credit: digium
Digium D80

Key features: The Digium D80 is the industry’s first affordable high definition touchscreen IP business phone that offers advanced features. More info.

Credit: docker
Docker 1.13 Cloud Native Secrets Management

Key features: The newest release of Docker Datacenter includes secret management features, which allow secrets such as API keys, encryption keys and passwords to be secured and stored directly within the container management platform. More info.

Credit: dreamhost

Key features: Remixer is DreamHost's new click-to-edit website platform, offering professional themes, 70+ content layouts, embeddable media, contact forms, maps, and hundreds of thousands of free graphs to quickly customize sites. More info.

Credit: druva
Druva inSync with Anomaly Detection

Key features: Druva inSync's new monitoring and detection capabilities proactively alert organizations to suspicious data activities triggered by potentially malicious threats, such as ransomware, and enable companies to detect, respond and recover against attacks. More info.

Credit: exabeam
Security Intelligence Platform

Key features: The Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform provides organizations of all sizes with comprehensive, end-to-end detection, analytics, and response capabilities from a single security management and operations platform. More info.

Credit: fidelis
Fidelis Network 8.3

Key features: Fidelis Network 8.3 solves the problem of alert fatigue and reduces the time to detect, validate and triage alerts from days to minutes. The new release brings together Fidelis Network’s unique ability to assemble and analyze network sessions in real time with new deep endpoint integration that provides automated, alert-specific endpoint validation. More info.

Credit: gemini
Gemini Atlas

Key features: Gemini Atlas is a SaaS solution powered by AI that enables security analysts to conduct fast investigations across disparate information silos, to help organizations achieve true situational awareness. More info.

Credit: forescout
ForeScout CounterACT Module for Amazon Web Services

Key features: ForeScout's cloud solution for Amazon Web Services enables visibility and control of cloud instances across AWS environments, without the need for agents. More info.

Credit: illusive
illusive Deception Management System

Key Features: Advanced machine learning platform preemptively identifies attack pathways and autonomously creates best-fit deceptions based on continuous real-time environment analysis. Deployed agentlessly, deception traps are set remotely without disrupting business networks. More info.

Credit: logitech

Key features: 4K ultra high-def camera offers 5x digital zoom and RightLight 3 with HDR. More info.

Credit: manage engine
Cloud Security Plus

Key features: A web-based cloud platform log management solution that collects, analyzes, monitors and archives log data from resources and applications hosted on multi-cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and AWS. More info.

Credit: mfiles
M-Files Contract Management

Key features: M-Files Contract Management is a cloud-based solution that drives consistency, efficiency and transparency by automating and simplifying the way organizations create, review, approve, sign and renew contracts and agreements. More info.

Credit: mapr
The MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker

Key features: The MapR Converged Data Platform for Docker includes the MapR Persistent Application Client Container (PACC) which easily provides seamless data persistence for stateful containerized applications on any node. More info.

Credit: masergy
Masergy Cloud Contact Center

Key features: The next generation in customer interaction solutions, providing an omni-channel system (voice, web chat, SMS, email, Twitter), along with predictive analytics and the ability for agents to work directly in Salesforce. More info.

Credit: mushroom networks
Portabella 2000i

Key features: An SD-WAN and broadband-bonding appliance for branch office, remote office, and vehicular-based connectivity (bus, car, and train) with an impressive diversity of connections, including Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE, and more. Sets a new standard in terms of price/performance and bringing SD-WAN capabilities to almost any application. More info.

Credit: nyanasa

Key features: Nyansa’s Voyance network analytics platform now lets enterprises identify and recover thousands of client hours from service, application or device issues problems that negatively affect the end user experience.

Credit: palo alto
PAN-OS 8.0

Key features: PAN-OS 8.0 adds over 70 features to the Next-Generation Security Platform, enabling customers to safely embrace the cloud; prevent successful cyberattacks with high performance across network, endpoint and cloud environments. More info.

Credit: percipient

Key features: The new Discussion feature enables SMBs to receive timely analysis and remediation recommendations directly from Strongarm’s support staff. This allows businesses to make rapid, informed decisions when dealing with malware. More info.

Credit: portnox
Portnox CLEAR

Key features: Portnox CLEAR offers a multi-factor authentication approach over the VPN, and new features include a visual dashboards, allowing users to see, control and automate all devices on the network. More info.

Credit: pramata
Pramata Customer Digitization Platform

Key features: Pramata enables companies to better understand complex customer
relationships. Digital Snapshot and new integrations connect customer data to leading CRM, ERP, CPQ and billing systems, providing untapped revenue and growth opportunities. More info.

qualys was
Credit: qualys
Qualys Web Application Scanning 5.0

Price: Starting at $1995 per year per web application in smaller business packages that include appliances. Starting at $495 per year per web application for larger business that have purchased additional modules.

Key features: Qualys Web Application Scanning includes new features allowing customers to rapidly scan their IoT, mobile and web applications and APIs (SOAP and REST-based). More info.

Credit: prysm
Prysm Visual Workplace

Pricing – starts at $15,000 for the display screen and $69 per user, per month for the software.

Key features: New capabilities for smarter enterprise collaboration within Prysm Visual Workplace include real-time streaming of content from mobile devices and web applications to remote locations, Quick Start and Wireless Screen Sharing. More info.

qualys waf
Credit: qualys
Qualys Web Application Firewall 2.0

Price: Starting at $1995 for small businesses and starting at $9995 for larger enterprises.

Key features: Qualys WAF 2.0 includes new features like web application scanning integration, one-click virtual patches for vulnerabilities, custom security rules, built-in
security templates for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and OWA and a cloud-based management portal. More info.

Credit: redseal
RedSeal Network Modeling and Risk Scoring Platform

Key features: RedSeal provides a single, comprehensive understanding of network security across users’ datacenter, cloud and software-defined networks. Offers actionable intelligence directly into Splunk’s Enterprise Security SIEM, Rapid7’s Nexpose, and ForeScout’s CounterACT. More info.

Credit: skycure
Skycure Microsoft Integration

Key features: Skycure’s mobile threat defense platform is now integrated with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). The integration feeds mobile device threat intelligence directly to Microsoft Intune, so companies can defend devices and enforce policy based on real-time risk assessment. More info.

Credit: sailpoint
SecurityIQ 5.0

Key Features: A data access governance solution; new features include updated connectors for popular on-premises and cloud applications, real-time analytics via actionable dashboards, and access to a library of 100+ ready-made reports.
More Info.

Credit: riskiq
RiskIQ Community Edition

Key features: RiskIQ’s Community Edition allows hunters to quickly investigate adversaries and exploits, and allows defenders to understand their digital footprint leveraging comprehensive internet data reconnaissance, analytics, monitoring and alerting. More info.

Credit: skyhigh
Skyhigh for IaaS

Key features: Skyhigh for IaaS is a cloud-access security broker (CASB) platform to provide security, compliance and governance for custom applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms. More info.

Credit: secureauth
Phone Number Fraud Prevention

Key features: SecureAuth’s phone number fraud prevention allows organizations to identify, block and protect against attacker attempts trying to exploit second-factor authentication delivery methods to phone numbers, and mobile devices. More info.

snow software
Credit: snow software
Snow for ServiceNow Express

Key features: Snow for ServiceNow makes it easy for ServiceNow users to view license availability, to reclaim unused software licenses and to guard against unnecessary purchases. More info.

sonicwall os
Credit: sonicwall
SonicOS 6.2.7

Key features: Offers enhanced breach prevention, new threat API, improved scalability and connectivity while simplifying management to ensure SMBs and large enterprises receive a high quality-of-service, increased on-demand capacity and better security. More info.

Credit: sonicwall
SonicWall Email Security 9.0 with Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service

Pricing: Hosted Email Security starts at $20/user/year and pricing for Capture on Hosted Email Security starts at an additional $4/user/year

Key features: Utilizes cloud-based sandboxing technology to detect advanced threats by scanning a range of email attachment types, analyzing them in a multi-engine sandbox and blocking them until reviewed by an administrator. More info.

Credit: ss8
SS8 BreachDetect

Pricing: starts at $1,200/mo./100 Mbps averaged throughput analyzed, plus $600/mo. network history stored.

Key features: SS8 BreachDetect's new timeline view of the cyber kill chain and severity-ranked alerts with easy-to-understand threat descriptions make breach detection even faster and easier for users with little or no forensic investigation expertise. More info.

Credit: stratus technologies
Cost of Downtime Calculator

Key features: calculates the annual costs of downtime – a major source of extra costs and inefficiencies for your organization – and lets you see how you compare against others in your industry. More info.

Credit: threatconnect
ThreatConnect Platform – Suite of products includes: TC Identify, TC Manage, TC Analyze, TC Complete

Key features – ThreatConnect now offers four products specifically designed to make threat intelligence accessible and usable. The products help you find cyberthreats, evaluate risk, and mitigate harm to your organization. More info.

Credit: teramind
Intelligent Session Mining with Teramind

Key features: Teramind's Intelligent Session Mining indexes all text appearing on screen – in images, remote desktops & Java applications – to help administrators find instances when users saw specified text on a screen. More info.

Credit: wps
WPS Office PDF to Word Converter

Key features: Converts PDF files into Word documents in seconds, for Windows and Android. The only free solution for Windows not requiring registration or payment. More info.

Credit: ysoft
Y Soft SafeQ Mobile app

Price: YSoft SafeQ per-device subscription service or perpetual license starts at $28.20 per Suite as a monthly subscription. The YSoft SafeQ mobile app is free.

Key features: YSoft SafeQ Mobile app works with YSoft SafeQ print management to identify a printer with a QR code to release print jobs. New on Windows Phone; also iOS and Android. More info.

Credit: wti
Dual GigE Site Manager with Current Monitor

Key features: Remote OOB console access and power reboot control for 240V applications. Features dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, current monitoring, dual power inlets and power fallback solution, plus event logging and alarms. More info.

Credit: zingbox
IoT Guardian

Key features: IoT Guardian is the industry’s first IoT security solution that uses deep learning algorithms to discern each device’s unique personality and enforce acceptable behavior. More info.

Credit: zenoss
ZenPack SDK

Key features: Zenoss ZenPacks, or plug-ins, cover everything from physical systems to containers to cloud deployments to applications. ZenPack SDK is a collection of tools and documentation that allows for easy and fast customization, while ensuring compatibility with over 500 existing ZenPacks. More info.

Credit: cyphort
Adaptive Detection Fabric 4.0

Key Features: Adaptive Detection Fabric 4.0 includes advanced threat detection for cloud-based email, automated mitigation of newly discovered threats and consolidated analytics with timeline view of security incidents. More info.