New products of the week 2.20.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and VMware.

New products of the week
Riverbed (One-Time Use)

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

ambra (One-Time Use)

Ambra for Developers

Key features: a cloud development platform for medical imaging. Third-party developers can use Ambra’s imaging technologies as part of a wide variety of healthcare applications, providing users with new capabilities for better patient care.   More info.

appthority (One-Time Use)

Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP)

Key features: Appthority MTP combines cloud-scalable global protection, next-generation threat analytics, and industry leading mobile threat management capabilities into a unified mobile security system for IT mobility and security teams. More info.

absolute (One-Time Use)

Application Persistence

Key features: Application Persistence provides embedded, self-healing capabilities to third-party endpoint controls such as VPN, anti-virus, encryption, systems management and other critical controls that are too easily compromised. More info.

asavie (One-Time Use)

iSimplyConnect IoT Connectivity Marketplace

Key features: iSimplyConnect provides the developer community on-demand, secure, configurable IoT connectivity. Users can provision, activate and manage IoT projects that scale from single digit proof of concepts into full production networks. More info.

betterworks (One-Time Use)

BetterWorks Feedback Suite

Key features: BetterWorks Feedback makes it easy for companies to seamlessly implement a continuous performance management process to provide employees with frequent, lightweight feedback and coaching they need to become high performers.

bracket (One-Time Use)

Bracket Computing Cell for Full Workload Isolation

Key features: Computing Cell for Full Workload Isolation provides runtime integrity for data center servers and protects critical parts of an OS from tampering. Advanced forensics captures NetFlow and memory of running servers in response to events suggesting compromise. More info.

alteryx (One-Time Use)

Alteryx Analytics 11.0

Pricing: 1 Year Subscription: Alteryx Designer: $5,195; Alteryx Server: $58,500; Alteryx Analytics Gallery: $1,950

Key features: With Alteryx Analytics 11.0, users across business, data, and analytic functions can seamlessly and quickly access and develop insights from a variety of data sources across their organizations. More info.

bomgar (One-Time Use)

Bomgar Vault 17.1

Key features: Helping organizations to secure, manage, and administer shared and sensitive credentials, Bomgar Vault 17.1 is the first enterprise password management solution to offer remote credential rotation from an on-premise solution. More info.

couchbase (One-Time Use)

Couchbase Server 4.6

Key features: The enhanced Couchbase Server 4.6 provides easier global application deployments, advanced security capabilities, greater development flexibility and increased Spark 2.0 and Kafka 3.0 support.

extrahop (One-Time Use)

ExtraHop Addy

Key features: Addy applies machine-learning algorithms to wire data, identifying real-time anomalous behavior. Ex: one financial services firm detected the Dyn DDoS attack in advance and re-routed DNS traffic to avoid downtime. More info.

cohesity (One-Time Use)

Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition (VE)

Key features: Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition delivers an integrated software-only backup solution that deploys on virtual machines ideal for remote or branch office locations. More info.

gemalto hse
gemalto (One-Time Use)

SafeNet High Speed Encryptor

Key features: protects communications at speeds of 100Gbps and features low latency of under 2 microseconds for optimal network performance. More info.

Dell (One-Time Use)

Dell EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on Dell EMC VxRail Appliances

Key features: EHC on VxRail Appliances offers a turnkey hybrid cloud for deployments ranging from 200 to 1000 virtual machines. Benefits include: a total turnkey, hybrid cloud platform optimized for smaller enterprise deployments; simplified, automated installation; and subscription-based support. More info.

See story: Dell EMC combines hyperconvergence and cloud in latest VxRail offering

gemalto safe
gemalto (One-Time Use)

Gemalto SafeNet Luna HSM 7

Key features: brings best-in-class performance and industry leading security for the protection of cryptographic keys in high-assurance, tamper-resistant hardware. More info.

illiumio (One-Time Use)

Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)

Key features: Illumio ASP is extending policy enforcement to Cisco and Arista switches, as well as AWS and Azure Security Groups. It also performs segmentation enforcement for bare-metal servers, VMs, containers and F5 load balancers. More info.

jabra (One-Time Use)

Jabra Talk 2

Key features: Jabra’s Talk 2, Bluetooth mono headset offers 9-hours of talk time and aims to meet the needs of those who make and take calls-on-the-go. More info.

keeper (One-Time Use)

Keeper SSO Connect

Key features: Keeper SSO Connect enhances popular Single Sign-On solutions by providing advanced password management, secure storage and sharing, and security capabilities for credentials, sensitive files, and confidential information. More info.

Kaminario (One-Time Use)

Kaminario K2 Gen6

Key features: The K2 Gen6 is an all-flash array that delivers five times the capacity and double the performance of previous models, built to be the high performance backbone of modern, on-demand applications. More info.

marchex (One-Time Use)

Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud

Key features: optimize spend across all paid media channels based on actionable insight into which channel drove offline interaction by consumers to a brand. More info.

jungledisk (One-Time Use)

Jungle Disk Email Archiving

Key features: Jungle Disk Email Archiving allows customers using Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite to create a safe, second copy of their email protecting their data from accidents or cyber attacks. More info.

mobile heartbeat
mobile heartbeat (One-Time Use)

Mobile Heartbeat MH-CURE V. 11

Key features: MH-CURE smartphone application delivers data analytics on user adoption and communications, plus efficiency-based metrics. Also introduces CURE-Connect APIs, integration with inbound call systems, and care team information by patient. More info.

nexsan (One-Time Use)

Unity Active Archive

Key features: Unity Active Archive integration allows Unity to automatically archive unstructured data with policy-based guidelines into this secure, hardened archive. More info.

sonic join
Sonic Foundry (One-Time Use)

Mediasite Join

Pricing: Mediasite Join to record 1 concurrent call = $4,950/year; Mediasite Join to record up to 5 concurrent calls = $19,950/year

Key features: A Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solution seamlessly integrating with leading conference services and bridges to retain and share valuable knowledge, engage employees, improve communication and support a culture of collaboration. More info.

perfecto (One-Time Use)


Key features: accelerates debugging and troubleshooting in development cycles by providing instant access to a variety of real cloud-based devices, browsers and user environments from within your IDE of choice, leveraging your debugger of choice. More info.

riverbed (One-Time Use)

SteelHead SD

Key features: Riverbed’s new SteelHead SD appliances combine SD-WAN and WAN optimization technologies into one streamlined single-device. This integration uniquely maintains end-to-end application identification and classification across Hybrid WANs, cloud networks and branches for a true application-centric solution. More info.

startech (One-Time Use)

USB-C to VGA Adapter

Key features: Connect your USB-C computer to a VGA display, and prevent your laptop display from going to sleep during a presentation or meeting. More info.

supermicro (One-Time Use)

Supermicro BigTwin

Key features: BigTwin supports maximum system performance and efficiency by delivering 30% better thermal capacity in a compact 2U form-factor enabling solutions with the highest performance processor, memory, storage and I/O. More info.

sonic foundry (One-Time Use)

Mediasite Catch

Key features: Video capture software solution that is scalable, reliable and economical for classrooms not equipped with extensive audio/video capabilities. It creates a faculty-friendly user experience with automated features for content capturing. More info.

supportbot (One-Time Use)

SupportBot AI Customer Support Assistant

Key features: SupportBot offers an AI driven solution to provide customer support services for MSP and IT service providers to improve customer service, save time and reduce costs associated with support. More info.

vmkings (One-Time Use)


Key features: VPS is a fast, uncomplicated solution that caters to developers’ needs of maintaining multiple environments. Maintenance free, VPS is customizable, can be upgraded instantaneously, and scaled to match user needs. More info.

tyntek (One-Time Use)

Inter-Carrier Messaging Service

Key features: Simplifies text and multimedia messaging interoperability between fixed and mobile networks, across different technologies and protocols, helping carriers provide global coverage for their subscribers and enterprises. More info.

wti (One-Time Use)

OOB Power Reboot Control with ATS

Key features: Budget priced Switched PDU provides remote OOB power reboot control and also power redundancy for single inlet devices. Includes dual IEC-C20 inlets, eight switched NEMA 5-15 outlets plus built-in ATS. More info.

vmware apps
vmware (One-Time Use)

VMware Horizon Apps

Key features: Horizon Apps builds on VMware’s Horizon 7 portfolio of on-premises offerings, allowing for a holistic application-centric strategy using published applications and giving customers the benefit of significant provisioning costs. More info.

vmware cloud
vmware (One-Time Use)

VMware Horizon Cloud

Key features: VMware Horizon Cloud enables the delivery and management of cloud-hosted or on-premises virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere, from a single cloud control plane hosted on the IBM Cloud. More info.