New products of the week 3.6.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Sophos and GitHub.

New products of the week
Credit: Certa
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: a10
A10 Networks Thunder CFW, with integrated Gi/SGi firewall capabilities

Key features: Addresses security concerns of service providers on the industry's transition to 5G, broad-scale deployment of network functions virtualization, software-defined networking technologies and the proliferation of IoT connected devices. More info.

0228 scality
Credit: scality
Scality HALO Cloud Monitor

Pricing: Standard edition - free to all supported customers. Premium edition - included in Scality Dedicated Care Services (premium managed service for customers  $100,000 annual fee)

Key features: Scality HALO Cloud Monitor is a turnkey 24/7 monitoring solution for Scality’s RING object storage platform and S3-focused products. HALO provides customers continuous uptime for their managed private cloud storage environments and delivers transformative analytics to help streamline business operations. More info.

Credit: adar
Nerdio BDR, Nerdio VDI-Powered ITaaS Platform with Disaster Recovery

Key features: Nerdio’s VDI-powered Backup and Disaster-Recovery (BDR) platform delivers new Disaster Recovery hourly backups and automatically replicates the data at a secondary, out-of-state facility. The DR failover tests, in just three clicks, empower organizations to fully test disaster recovery plans and ensure availability in the event of a critical incident. More info.

Credit: act-on
Act-On Marketing Automation

Pricing: Act-On is offered in a Professional Edition which starts at $600/mo. for 1,000 Active Contacts and in Enterprise Edition which starts at $2,000/mo. for 10,000 Active Contacts.

Key features: With new machine learning capabilities, Act-On recognizes individual behaviors, preferences, and interests, and adapts the message, timing, and delivery channel - building Adaptive Journeys for more personalized customer engagements at scale. More info.

Credit: couchbase
Couchbase Mobile 1.4

Key features: The latest Couchbase Mobile 1.4 includes updates that allow limitless scale for mobile and IoT applications using the new Sync Gateway Accelerator to support millions of users and devices. More info.

Credit: datrium
Datrium Blanket Encryption

Key features: Datrium Blanket Encryption is software that combines always-on deduplication and compression technology with high-speed, end-to-end encryption in use at the host, in flight across the network and at rest on persistent storage. More info.

Credit: fidelis
Fidelis Cloud

Key features: Unique capabilities include: Attack detection at all stages of an intrusion; Automated alert enrichment; Focus on threats, not just vulnerabilities; Detection in the Past and Present; Network and Endpoint Integration. More info.

Credit: cterra
CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways

Key features: CTERA has added zero-minute disaster recovery functionality to its cloud storage gateways to enable secure, instantaneous recovery for offices and remote locations to ensure uninterrupted office operations and user productivity. More info.

Credit: fortscale

Key features: Presidio is the industry’s first embedded user and entity behavior analytics engine (UEBA) that natively expands capabilities of existing security solutions. More info.

four v
Credit: four v
GreySpark Central

Key features: This enhancement to GreySpark enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and customers with subsidiaries to centrally manage deployments and view risk and performance indicators within and across organizations. More info.

Credit: gsx
GSX 365 Insights for SharePoint & Yammer

Key features: GSX 365 Insights is designed for community managers using Yammer for both internal and external communications, and works with SharePoint online and on-premise. It provides insights on the Microsoft networks. More info.

Credit: github
GitHub for Business (hosted on

Key features: GitHub’s new Business offering brings SAML single sign-on, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, 24/5 support, and guaranteed uptime to, enabling teams to scale and work more efficiently. More info.

Credit: globalsign
GlobalSign Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG)

Key features: AEG is a fully automated, managed PKI solution. With new ACME and SCEP protocol support, mixed environments with Linux Servers, Apple OSX clients, and mobile/network endpoints can automatically enroll/manage certificates. More info.

Credit: harmonie Collage

Key features: Collage is the first topic computing solution, that fully unifies disconnected information from multiple cloud services – all within Outlook.
Collage removes the need for workers to open multiple applications and email chains by organizing them by topic.

ibwave 2
Credit: ibwave
iBwave Wi-Fi Suite

Key features: The cloud-connected iBwave Wi-Fi Suite provides a way for Wi-Fi network designers to survey, plan, design and maintain Wi-Fi networks simpler and faster than ever before. More info.

Credit: incorta

Key features:  Incorta’s enterprise analytics platform aggregates complex business data in real-time, bypassing the need for a traditional data warehouse. Leveraging the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping Engine, Incorta provides unprecedented query performance and eliminates costly join operations all together. More info.

Credit: jnbridge
JNBridgePro 8.1

Key features: ​JNBridgePro enables developers to connect anything Java with anything .NET, reducing upfront development costs and preserving existing investments. It provides fast, rich integration with full access to the other side. More info.

Credit: lookingglass

Key features: LookingGlass’ ScoutPrime is the first Threat Intelligence Platform to implement the STIX 2.0 standard so that users can share collected threat data and receive new information from outside partners. More info.

Credit: netiq
NetIQ Identity Governance 2.5

Key features: The latest version of NetIQ Identity Governance helps managers navigate complex regulatory environments with peer and usage context, risk based certifications, and efficient data collection. More info.

Credit: nimble
Nimble Cloud Volumes

Key features: Nimble Cloud Volumes mark the first enterprise-grade multicloud storage service for AWS and Microsoft Azure, delivering availability and data services not previously available in block storage for the cloud. More info.

Credit: mender OTA 1.0

Key Features: Mender is an open source tool for updating embedded devices safely and reliably. It offers rootfs rollback, signing and verification of binaries over secure connection via API or GUI. More info.

Credit: proofpoint
Proofpoint Digital Risk Defense

Key features: Proofpoint Fraud Protection helps you detect and remediate brand fraud on the four most important external engagement channels: web, email, social, and mobile. Stop fraudsters from imitating your brand. More info.

Credit: sophos
Sophos Mobile 7

Key features: This new version extends containerization support for Android Enterprise, enables IT administrators to manage IoT devices, strengthens security features and is available through the Sophos Central cloud-based management platform. More info.

Credit: vipre
VIPRE Advanced Security

Key features - VIPRE Advanced Security uses advanced machine learning, heuristic techniques, one of the largest threat intelligence clouds and real-time behavior monitoring to protect SMBs from today’s most sophisticated and evasive malware threats. More info.

Credit: webscale
Webscale Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Key features: Webscale’s Cloud WAF is the first to integrate application awareness and critical e-commerce platforms by building out protection for data traffic at the browser level and complete backend application infrastructure. More info.

Credit: thales
Thales nShield HSM Customer Supplied Encryption Keys (CSEK) support for Google Cloud Platform

Key features: Google Cloud Platform customers can generate, protect and securely export encryption keys to the cloud using on-premises, FIPS-certified nShield HSM; nShield generates keys based on nShield’s high-entropy random number generator. More info.

Credit: west
InterCall Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice

Key Features: InterCall Reservationless-Plus with Dolby Voice delivers exceptional voice clarity and detail while suppressing distracting noise. Spatial voice separation makes it easier to identify who is speaking, presenting each person’s voice from a distinct virtual location. More info.

Credit: wti
Economical 240 VAC Switched PDU

Key features: A low-cost solution for remote, OOB power reboot control in 240V AC environments. Includes 16 switched IEC C13 outlets, dual IEC C20 inlets, plus event monitoring, logging and alarm functions. More info.

Credit: whiteops

Key features: FraudSensor quantifies mobile in-app invalid traffic, while identifying and preventing delivery to it in the future – all without an SDK, preventing cumbersome implementations. More info.

Credit: nehemiah
AtomicEye RQ

Key features: AtomicEye RQ replicates an environment and attacks it with an array of real exploits. The resulting analysis provides quantifiable, real-time visibility into a company’s security posture plus actionable improvement plans. More info.