New products of the week 3.13.2017

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Adaptiva and MongoDB.

New products of the week
Credit: 1E
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: 1E

Key features: 1E’s Tachyon is the fastest and most scalable Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform, enabling IT teams to interact with millions of endpoints, running multiple operating systems, in real time. More info.

Credit: adaptiva
Client Health 6.0

Key features: Client Health 6.0 includes an advanced Visual Reporting Engine which enables IT professionals to gain instant insights into the health and security of endpoints across their entire enterprise. More info.

Credit: arcadia
Arcadia Enterprise 4.0

Key features: Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 offers enterprises a data-native, easy-to-use visual analytics and BI platform that runs directly in-cluster with the data in Apache Hadoop or cloud-based platforms to scale with enterprise big data demands, allowing for high user concurrency and doesn’t require organizations to extract and move data, which can be prohibitively costly and complex. More info.

Credit: excelero
NVMesh 1.1

Key features: A 100% software-only server SAN enabling pooled NVMe block storage across a network at local speeds and latencies on standard hardware. Scales performance linearly at near 100% efficiency. More info.

Credit: atscale
AtScale 5.0

Key features: Delivers industry’s most scalable dimensional calculation engine, a machine learning performance optimizer, a universal data abstraction layer and enterprise-grade security, governance and metadata management capabilities. More info.

Credit: icharts
iCharts for Google Cloud Platform

Key features - iCharts for Google Cloud Platform product now supports Google BigTable via Federated Querying, Google Cloud Spanner, and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, to add to iCharts’s current support of BigQuery. More info.

Credit: collabnet
TeamForge 17.1

Key features: The New TeamForge offers deeper, broader visibility for project management and new reporting to alleviate bottlenecks and delays, and support Agile at scale. More info.

Credit: gigatrust

Key features: GigaCloud delivers endpoint secure email and document in-use protection collaboration services for enterprises anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device and  platform with real-time data analytics, reporting and administrative tools. More info.

Credit: preempt
Preempt Inspector

Key features: Inspector combines password hashes from major breaches with a dictionary of compromised credentials and weak passwords to assess an organization’s password health and provide recommendations to reduce credential-based attacks. More info.

Credit: iosafe
ioSafe Server 5

Key features: Fire- and waterproof server for Windows and Linux for on-premises data protection, designed to deliver near-zero recovery point and time objectives in any scenario, irrespective of internet connection status. More info.

Credit: mongodb
MongoDB Atlas

Key features: Free tier database service offering with new utility to support live migration of data from any location, either on-premise or in the cloud, to secure MongoDB Atlas platform.

Credit: primarydata

Key features: DataSphere optimizes scale-out NAS for performance without bottlenecks, integrates easily with the cloud, automates data management, and provides client and file visibility with billions of files hosted across different storage systems. More info.

Credit: sciencelogic
ScienceLogic 8.2

Key features - ScienceLogic customers can now discover, monitor, and alert on transient IT infrastructure components that support modern application designs. New features include Agent-Based Monitoring, Log Analytics, Advanced Azure Cloud Assurance and Scalable Platform Automation. More info.

Credit: snow
Snow Optimizer for SAP Software 2.0

Key features: Snow Optimizer for SAP Software 2.0 helps organizations invested in SAP to optimize their licensing, with specific focus on detecting and minimizing the financial exposure associated with Indirect Usage. More info.

Credit: smartbear
Collaborator v11

Key features: Collaborator is the leading peer code and document review tool that helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code, applications and services. Collaborator v11 adds a new integration with GitLab and has enhanced existing integrations with Atlassian’s Bitbucket and GitHub. Now Collaborator is the only peer code and document review tool that integrates with the three largest repository management solutions. These integrations provide the ultimate flexibility for development teams to leverage a single peer code and document review tool across teams, regardless of the repository or version control tools they are using. More info.

Credit: unravel
Unravel 4.0 -- APM for Big Data

Key features:  Unravel 4.0 makes DataOps more productive by automating problem discovery, root-cause analysis, and resolution across the entire Big Data stack, while improving ROI and time-to-value of Big Data investments. More info.

Credit: varmour
vArmour DSS Distributed Security System

Key features: The enhanced version allows organizations to segment applications and workloads with a single security fabric for simplified policy management and enforcement across a heterogeneous environment of physical servers, virtual machines and containers.

Credit: whitesource
WhiteSource Bolt

Key features: An integrated open source security and management solution within Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server, WhiteSource Bolt runs directly in the build and release pipeline. It detects all open souce components in your software in real-time, alerts on vulnerbilities, licenses and outdated components and generate automated reports. More info.

Credit: wti
Dual GigE Remote Site Manager

Key features: OOB access to remote console ports and power reboot switching via primary GigE network, secondary GigE network plus dial-up modem. Features advanced authentication and security, plus monitoring and alarm functions. More info.

Credit: paxata
Paxata Adaptive Information Platform

Key Features: includes significant enhancements and support for Microsoft Azure and a new InterCloud Connect capability. Paxata has seen significant demand from the market to support Microsoft Azure’s Big Data offerings, as customers continue to aggressively deploy data lakes in the cloud. With Spring ‘17, business consumers can turn raw data into ready information easily on Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform while Paxata’s new InterCloud Connect feature directly addresses the need for organizations to support their data prep requirements across all environments, and enables business consumers to turn raw data into ready information from any cloud or on-premise environment or deployment method. More info.