6 tips to avoid job search depression

Searching for a new job is a tiring and depressing process. Here's how to avoid letting your job search drag you down.

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Searching for a new job can be a full-time job, It's a thankless, tiring -- and, yes, depressing task. Searching for roles, filling out applications, networking, tailoring endless versions of your resume to each potential job, interviewing, handling rejections -- the entire process can be so overwhelming and can leave you feeling unwanted, dejected and sad.

"It's understandable; with the loss of a job, many people feel like they've lost control. And, in many cases, they've lost something that they loved, that gave them some fulfillment and purpose, and that can interfere with self-esteem and confidence. Searching for a job is also a very solitary process, so on top of that, there's the potential for isolation," says Mary Cavanaugh, vice president and senior career management consultant with Keystone Associates.

Be patient

Staying emotionally healthy during such a turbulent time requires patience, positivity and stamina, Cavanaugh says.

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