New products of the week 4.17.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as ForeScout Technologies and Veriato.

New products of the week
Credit: A10
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: alteryx
Alteryx Server on AWS Marketplace

Key features: Alteryx has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to virtualize the Alteryx Server platform and offer its robust data prep, blending and analytics solution in the cloud. More info.


Credit: a10
A10 Harmony Controller

Key features: built on microservices and container technologies, offering a multi-tenant, highly scalable controller architecture that incorporates real-time analytics at a per-app level and central management and orchestration of secure application services across hybrid environments – from physical data centers to public, private and hybrid clouds. More info.


Credit: apcon
IntellaFlex High-Density 40G Blade

Key features – The IntellaFlex high-density 40G blade offers 20 ports of 40G Ethernet connectivity for aggregation, load balancing, any-to-any and multicast connections to security and network analysis tools. More info.


Credit: atadata

Key features: A managed workload mobility platform focused on mission-critical enterprise workloads. Featuring borderless automation, it provides a seamless way to handle any combination of on-premise, hypervisors, private cloud and public cloud environments. More info.


electric cloud
Credit: electric cloud
ElectricFlow DevOps Release Automation Platform

Pricing – Community Edition is free for small teams.  Larger teams can get started managing 50 nodes for under $20,000 per year.

Key features: Developers can start fast with ElectricFlow’s free, easily installable Docker distribution. Built-in support for Containers and Microservices simplifies releases with Kubernetes, Amazon Container Cloud, Google Container Cloud, OpenShift and more. More info.


bit titan
Credit: bit titan

Key features: MSPComplete combines the power of business process automation, turnkey managed services and IP protection, empowering IT service providers to increase recurring revenue, reduce service delivery costs, and operationalize employee knowledge. More info.

Credit: forescout
ForeScout Extended Modules for Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform

Key features: The Extended Modules combine ForeScout’s real-time visibility and control of devices with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to implement network segmentation, protect against advanced threats and automate response. More info.


Credit: iovox
IOVOX Multichannel Marketing Solution

Key features: IOVOX's Multichannel Marketing solution is designed for companies using multiple marketing channels to drive inbound calls. It provides enhanced data analytics to make more informed decisions regarding inbound marketing campaigns. More info.


Credit: kaseya
Kaseya IT Complete: Higher Education Edition

Key features: Kaseya IT Complete: Higher Education Edition provides a comprehensive IT toolkit to significantly cut IT costs and maximize resources, while delivering rich user experiences that supports students, faculty and administrators. More info.


Credit: portworx
PX-Enterprise 1.2

Key features: PX-Enterprise 1.2 adds three new features: Cloud Snap — the industry’s first multi-cloud backup solution for cloud-native applications, bring-your-own-key encryption for container data at rest, and AWS Auto Scaling Groups integration. More info.


smart recruiters
Credit: smart recruiters
Recruiting AI

Key features: Recruiting AI uses artificial intelligence to process enormous volumes of recruiting data and then interprets that data to detect patterns that help recruiters make better decisions. More info.


Credit: venafi
Venafi Cloud for DevOps

Key features: Venafi Cloud for DevOps is a new, integrated cloud-based service that delivers fast, frictionless, secure digital certificates. The service works with most popular enterprise DevOps platforms. More info.


Credit: veriato
Veriato Recon

Key Features: The latest Veriato Recon user and entity behavior analytics software detects compromised credentials and sends alerts on them and any other suspicious behavior, allowing for quick responses before data is stolen. More info.


Credit: thycotic
Privileged Behavior Analytics (PBA)

Key features: Thycotic’s Privileged Behavior Analytics is a cloud-based tool that gives IT and security professionals the ability to quickly detect security breaches and abuse by analyzing anomalous behavior of privileged accounts – an early indication of compromise or insider threat. More info.


virtual instruments
Credit: virtual instruments
Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3

Key features: Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3 lets customers more intelligently deploy storage infrastructure for their hybrid data centers, simplifies the entire storage performance testing and validation process and provides realistic results. More info.


Credit: wti
Power Redundancy for Single Inlet Devices

Key features: A dependable power redundancy solution for existing single inlet, 240V AC powered network elements. Features dual C20 power inlets plus eight C13 outlets and one C19 outlet. More info.


Credit: pyze
Pyze Enterprise Edition

Key features - Pyze Enterprise Edition offers state of the art aggregations, analysis, intelligence and campaign management purpose-built for brands and businesses, that either manage a large number of users, or a large number of apps, websites and data sources. More info.