New products of the week 5.1.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Red Hat and Kaspersky Lab.

New products of the week
Credit: HPE
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Credit: bluescape
Bluescape visual collaboration software

Key features: Bluescape visual collaboration software gives teams a virtual workspace to meet, share, and develop ideas. New features enable users to group content, add text anywhere in the workspace, and invite select collaborators to “view only.” More info.


Credit: barkly
Barkly's Ransomware Risk Assessment

Key Features: Every 40 seconds, another business is infected with ransomware. This assessment helps businesses quickly determine their risk against seven types of ransomware attacks. More info.


Credit: cradlepoint
NetCloud OS Release 6.3

Key features: NetCloud Release 6.3 extends SD-WAN router capabilities (policy-based traffic prioritization, filtering, shaping and steering capabilities) with new functions: Client side  visibility, adaptive Quality of service and Smart WAN Selection. More info.


data expedition
Credit: data expedition

Key features: CloudDat moves data in and out of the cloud at up to 900Mbps, even over the public internet: faster than legacy technologies, more cost effective than other commercial solutions. More info.


cloud technology partners
Credit: cloud technology partners
Managed Cloud Controls for AWS

Key features: Managed Cloud Controls are a suite of next-generation managed services and software solutions that enable unprecedented control over cloud resources. The first two offerings include Continuous Compliance and Continuous Cost Control. More info.


dell boomi
Credit: dell boomi
Dell Boomi’s NetSuite-Salesforce Integration Accelerator

Key features: Dell Boomi’s NetSuite-Salesforce Integration Accelerator quickly and simply configures necessary connections between Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP. With this, organizations can drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration. More info.

Credit: datera
Elastic Data Fabric 2.2

Key features: Datera EDF 2.2 supports native L3 network integration and runs on certified commodity x86 servers, with mixed media/nodes in the same cluster with low latency. More info.


Credit: handshake

Key features: The new SuiteApp provides a seamless, cloud-to-cloud integration between Handshake and NetSuite that enables manufacturers and distributors to deliver to their sales reps and customers the real-time information they need to make smart and fast ordering decisions. Immediate order sync to the ERP improves invoice management, efficiency, and cash-flow, shortens order processing times, and eliminates manual processes that result in order errors. More info.

Credit: gitlab
GitLab 9.1

Key features: GitLab announced 9.1 to help enterprise teams get actionable feedback at different stages within the development lifecycle. The features include canary deployments, burndown charts and service desks. More info.


Credit: cloudpassage
CloudPassage HALO

Key features: CloudPassage HALO offers continuous protection for servers in any combination of data centers, private clouds and public clouds. It deploys in minutes, scales on-demand, and uses minimal system resources; so layered security can be deployed where it counts, right at every workload (servers, instances and containers). More info.

Credit: hpe
HPE Security ArcSight Investigate

Key features: HPE ArcSight Investigate is a new hunt and investigation solution that provides 10x faster search, an intuitive user experience with customized dashboards, and direct integration with Hadoop. More info.


Credit: ixia
Ixia Vision Edge

Key features: These solutions help IT teams supporting hyper scale and microscale data centers, resolve application performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot problems, improve data center automation along with utilizing network analysis and security tools. More info.

Credit: kaspersky
Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform

Key features: Based on Kaspersky Lab’s leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning technologies, KATA combines network and endpoint sensors, sandbox technology and intelligent analysis to help enterprises detect even the most complex targeted attacks. More info.


Credit: jive
Jive Netview

Key features: Jive’s first-of-its-kind network-testing and troubleshooting tool allows Jive to run periodic network-compatibility checks and troubleshoot any network problems, guaranteeing that customers have smooth installations, reducing time and costs while improving performance. More info.

Credit: marchex
Marchex Speech Analytics

Key features: Marchex Speech Analytics features innovative new dashboards and visual analytics and enables actionable insights for enterprise and mid-sized companies, helping them understand what is happening on inbound phone calls from consumers to their business. More info.


Credit: manageengine
O365 Manager Plus

Key features: A one-stop solution for Office 365 management, auditing and reporting that helps simplify management, ensure security and compliance, and gain valuable insights on all the different components of Office 365. More info.


Credit: maestro

Key features: This is a new hybrid approach to benefits that combines an engaging enrollment experience with eligibility management to ease the burden on HR and deliver a consumer-like experience for employees. More info.


Credit: pivot3
Acuity Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software Platform

Key features: Acuity is the industry’s first priority-aware and policy-based HCI solution with breakthrough performance from NVMe PCIe flash, enabling IT to confidently consolidate multiple mixed-application workloads onto a single infrastructure. More info.


Credit: mocana
Mocana IoT Security Developer Kit

Key features: The Mocana IoT Security DevKit integrates Mocana software modules and an Infineon OPTIGA TPM cryptoprocessor on a Raspberry Pi board to simplify integration of hardware-based security into IoT Devices. More info.


Credit: planview

Key features: The addition of the Team Workspace allows teams to easily prioritize, delegate, and update the status of work within the collective team, with managers able to see the workload of each team member and forecast potential bottlenecks. The new Roadmap Workspace enables teams to organize work by themes across a planning horizon. More info.


redhat 3scale
Credit: redhat
3scale API Management On-Premise

Key features - Red Hat 3scale API Management - On Premise is a fully containerized, on-premise offering for end-to-end API lifecycle management. It builds on the existing cloud-based SaaS offering and expands deployment options to flexibly manage APIs at scale. More info.


Credit: quali
CloudShell 8.0

Key features: Industry’s first “One-click” cloud sandbox deployment path includes OpenStack, Azure, AWS and VMware vCenter. Simplify deployments and adopt public, private and hybrid clouds faster and with reduced risk.

redhat jboss
Credit: redhat
Red Hat JBoss AMQ 7

Key features - Red Hat JBoss AMQ 7 is the latest release of Red Hat’s lightweight, standards-based open source messaging platform. The reactive architecture enables real-time communication between applications, devices and the IoT. More info.


Credit: smyte

Key features - The online security company’s trust and safety platform now includes a custom rules engine and deep learning neural network models for supervised and unsupervised image classification. More info.


Credit: scalearc
ScaleArc for MySQL 3.11

Key features: ScaleArc for MySQL 3.11 enhances the query load balancing capabilities of the software and supports MySQL 5.7. More info.


softwarwe ag
Credit: softwarwe ag

Key features: Improved transparency enabling organizations to harness visual analytics. New modeling method for IoT infrastructure design. New critical tools to prepare organizations to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. More info.


Credit: startech
Dual mSATA Drive Enclosure and Dual M.2 (NGFF) Drive Enclosure

Key features: These enclosures provide users with quick access to files and data on the go, and users who are building a portable storage solution to choose from multiple RAID modes including RAID 0, RAID 1, spanning, or JBOD, which increase overall drive capacity or performance. More info.


Credit: transition networks
SGPAT10xx-105: Enterprise-Class Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Family of Media Converters

Key features: The 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000Base-X Gigabit PoE+ media converters easily and affordably facilitate connection between different types of network cabling and eliminate the need to run power to the remote device. More info.


Credit: wti
30 Amp, Metered, Switched PDU

Key features: Out-of-band power switching and reboot control for high amp, 240 VAC network elements. Includes 12 metered, switched IEC C19 outlets, dual NEMA L6-30P inlets plus monitoring and alarm functions. More info.


Credit: zoomdata
Zoomdata Release 2.5

Key features: The first software platform capable of interactive speed-of-thought visualization and analysis against data sets of tens to hundreds of billions of records -- an order of magnitude greater than other solutions. More info.