New products of the week 5.8.17

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and Citrix.

New products of the week
Credit: Aspect Software
New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

050817 thycotic
Credit: thycotic
Browser Stored Password Discovery Tool

Key features: Thycotic’s Browser Stored Password Discovery Tool is a free tool that detects and informs IT professionals if passwords are being stored within popular browsers. More info.


Credit: alertlogic
Alert Logic Cloud Defender

Key features: Enhanced capabilities to Cloud Defender include supervised machine learning and expanded anomaly detection capabilities that enable businesses to stop complex, multi-stage web application attacks. More info.

Credit: aspect
Aspect Via WFM

Key features – has all the rich features of WFM with all the benefits of a SaaS offering, including Mobile. Customers benefit from rapid implementation, scalability, and continuous delivery of best-in-class new features. More info.


appviewx 2
Credit: appviewx
AppViewX AVX 12.0

Key features: AVX 12.0 supports Amazon Elastic Load Balancing v2.0, HA Proxy v1.5, NGINX Plus R11, and F5 BIG-IQ v5.1. The first to manage, automate and orchestrate best-in-class and open source ADC. More info.

Credit: bluemedora
SelectStar for Azure

Key features -  SelectStar for Azure provides metric-based and deep-dive monitoring for Azure native database workloads, enabling users to see query-level metrics on their Azure SQL databases. More info.


Credit: bluecedar
Blue Cedar Mobile Security Platform

Key features: Moves mobile enterprise security from the device to the app, extending or replacing traditional enterprise mobility management solutions without compromising productivity or privacy. More info.


Credit: ca
CA Risk Analytics Network

Key features: CA Risk Analytics Network applies real-time behavioral analytics and machine learning to global CNP transaction data to assess fraud faster and more accurately than single-issuer model, reducing fraud loss 25%. More info.


canto 2
Credit: canto
Flight CDG

Key features: Flight CDG leverages AWS Rekognition’s deep learning capabilities, Google Analytics and  new Amazon S3 storage locations to provide marketing teams with a better way to manage and share brand assets. More info.


Credit: centrify
Centrify’s privileged access security solution

Key features: Centrify’s privileged access security solution stops breaches that abuse privilege. Advanced monitoring now detects the creation of backdoor accounts which make privileged access convenient instead of secure. More info.


Credit: catalogic
ECX 2.6

Key features: ECX 2.6 expands Catalogic’s application-aware support to InterSystems Caché database, Epic Electronic Health Record, SAP HANA, and extends Microsoft SQL Server support to physical hosts. ECX includes a user interface refresh. More info.


Credit: citrix
Citrix ShareFile

Key features: ShareFile now offers organizations more solutions to improve productivity and collaboration with ShareFile for Outlook with Mac support, Office editing for On-Premise Storage Zones, ShareFile Exchange Connector and more. More info.


Credit: cloudhealth
CloudHealth platform: VMware and Data Center Environments

Key features: The CloudHealth Technologies platform now delivers unprecedented levels of insight, along with integrated analysis across cost, usage, and performance in the data center. Enterprises can also use the platform to set policies that govern data center environments, assist in planning migrations from the data center to the cloud and rightsize virtual machine assets. More info.


Credit: easysolutions

Key features: Swordphish is a web-based, RESTful API interface connected to a high-performance, scalable web infrastructure designed to classify any URL as phishing, malware or benign in milliseconds - with 95-percent accuracy. More info.

Credit: fujitsu
Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK U937

Key features: 7th generation Intel Core processor; Ergonomic anti-glare, 13.3-inch FHD display with an optional touchscreen; PCIe interface in order to process data faster; Best-in-class connectivity with embedded WLAN, Bluetooth; Super secure, biometric authentication with either embedded palm vein technology or fingerprint sensor and Integrated SmartCard reader. More info.


Credit: corsa
GigaFilter on Red Armor NSE7000

Key features: Large-scale DDoS attacks combined with the distributed nature of networking, leave traditional network security vulnerable, GigaFilter on Red Armor NSE7000 DDoS is specifically designed to help filter DDoS attacks generated by IoT botnets. It allows or denies traffic originating from 4 billion IPv4 addresses, allowing precise elimination of each desired IPv4 address. More info.


Credit: ibm
Serverless computing (cloud service)

Pricing: The free tier of IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk includes 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month. After the free tier, the cost is $0.000017 per GB-second of execution, rounded to the nearest 100ms.

Key features: Enabled by a new API Gateway, OpenWhisk’s new capabilities allow developers to expose serverless actions as secure and controlled APIs on the cloud, making it easier and quicker to build IoT and cognitive solutions. More info.


Credit: gsx
GSX Coexistence Monitoring Package

Key features: GSX Coexistence Monitoring Package for smooth IBM Domino and MS Exchange interoperability provides real-time monitoring and alerting of the health of your Domino Coexistence installation. More info.

Credit: gemini
SBOX Appliance 2.2

Key features: Gemini’s integrated solution allows users to automate deployment and management of big data technologies, now including Cloudera, and allows analysts to perform faster investigations and share security information with colleagues. More info.


Credit: gigamon

Key features: With 800Gbps of GigaSMART traffic intelligence, the GigaVUE-HC3 enables comprehensive traffic and security intelligence at scale to see more, secure more, meeting the needs of our customers’ security and monitoring infrastructure. More info.


Credit: netwrix
Netwrix Auditor 9.0

Pricing: Applications start at $3 per AD user with maximum at $12. Netwrix Auditor for Office 365 and Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD are licensed as subscription per mailbox or per active Azure AD user (accordingly) $0.50 per month or $5 per year. Netwrix Auditor for Oracle is licensed perpetually per processor license $2,500 per processor.

Key features: Organizations can respond immediately to ransomware and aberrant insider activity, identify and block threats to their network infrastructures, granularly restrict access to security intelligence, and slash preparation time for audits. More info.


Credit: knowbe4
KnowBe4 Weak Password Test Tool

Key features: KnowBe4’s Weak Password Test Tool allows IT managers to check Active Directory for multiple password-related vulnerabilities caused by users. More info.


Credit: netapp
StorageGRID Webscale 10.4

Key features: StorageGRID Webscale now offers more software deployment options including Docker support, simpler OpenStack storage deployments with Keystone integration, better multi-tenant control, and Veritas Enterprise Vault certification to centralize retention management. More info.


Credit: kensington
VeriMark Fingerprint Key

Key features: Kensington’s Verimark Fingerprint Key provides best-in-class authentication to protect mobile devices against cyber-thieves. It is the only fingerprint key that supports both Windows Hello and Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) universal second factor authentication (U2F). More info.


Credit: pssc
CloudOOP 12000

Key features: The CloudOOP 12000 made for Hadoop server supports up to 14 Micron 5100 SSDs. This flash storage option provides durability, reliability, economy, and near real time performance for data analytics. More info.


Credit: ns1
Integrated Traffic Management Program

Key features: NS1’s integrated traffic management program provides the technical and design support that enables enterprises to leverage real-time telemetry from application delivery controllers to optimize application performance and infrastructure utilization. More info.

Credit: solarwinds
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Key features: SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer now has support for Microsoft Azure SQL and AWS Aurora RDS databases and is available in the Azure Marketplace for users to benefit from Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis. More info.


Credit: severalnines

Key features: Scale applications faster: by sitting between an application and the database cluster offering connection and statement-based load balancing, ProxySQL removes the need from databases professionals to rely on developers for application-level code changes, saving development time and costs. More info.


Credit: restorepoint
Restorepoint 5.2

Key features: Restrepoint 5.2 is an automated solution that provides disaster recovery, compliance and remote management for multi-vendor infrastructures, enabling businesses to seamlessly recall an entire network backup in the event of a user error or hardware failure. More info.


Credit: splunk
Splunk Enterprise 6.6

Pricing: Splunk software pricing is based on the level of data ingested into an organization’s Splunk installation each day. Annual Licenses begin at $1,800/GB and Perpetual Licenses at $4,500/GB with discounts based on volume.

Key features: Splunk Enterprise 6.6 makes it easier for users to leverage datasets, build dashboards, get answers and share insights. New indexer and search head clustering enhancements also make the platform easier to manage at scale. More info.


Credit: varonis
Automation Engine

Key features: The Automation Engine automatically repairs and maintains file systems so that you’re less vulnerable to attacks, more compliant, and consistently meeting a least privilege model. More info.


Credit: wti
8-Port, Dual GigE Console Server for DC Applications

Key features: Out-of-Band access to console ports on remote network devices in DC powered environments. Features two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, eight RJ-45 serial ports, internal analog modem plus advanced security and authentication. More info.