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Jim Duffy has been covering technology for over 28 years, 23 at Network World. He covers enterprise networking infrastructure, including routers and switches. He also writes The Cisco Connection blog and can be reached on Twitter @Jim_Duffy and at jduffy@nww.com.Google+

Suspicions dashed, Dell cozies up to OpenDaylight

Meanwhile, little progress evident in Dell's OMG SDN working committee

HP unveils cloud config manager

HP this week unveiled a network virtualization system for large enterprise and cloud providers designed to simplify network configuration.

Reorg fallout downplayed by Cisco engineering exec

The engineering reorganization currently underway at Cisco is intended to streamline product development and delivery to customers, says EVP Pankaj Patel.

Open source startup targeting DevOps-defined networking

A software startup debuted this week proposing software-defined networking to Docker, the open source software for creating Linux application virtualization containers.

Data Center SDN growing 65% this year

Driven by switches, ADCs and network security appliances

Cisco invests in $80M Chinese cloud

Will hold 20% stake in venture with TCL

Only 14 U.S. states have handheld-while-driving bans

Only 14 U.S. states have handheld-while-driving bans

Even though use of handheld devices while driving has become a dangerous and growing epidemic in the US, many states still have not enacted nor enforce a usage ban.

Cisco reorgs trimming SVP ranks

Annual pattern of revamps and staff reductions see senior leaders exit on their own, or with help

Should Cisco make like HP, and split?

Wall Street analyst says it would kick company into gear

Cisco, EMC consortium debuts new cloud gear

VCE unveils first all-flash-based integrated IT infrastructure system

More notable Cisco departures

Enterprise routing, IWAN groups see a couple top people leave

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