Linda Musthaler

Linda Musthaler is a Principal Analyst with Essential Solutions Corp. which researches the practical value of information technology and how it can make individual workers and entire organizations more productive. Essential Solutions offers consulting services to computer industry and corporate clients to help define and fulfill the potential of IT.

Asentinel reduces costs and improves the efficiency of mobile device service contracts  

 The company’s mobility management service relieves you of the need to haggle with cellular provides

New tool from Cloudmark is designed to defend against spear phishing  

The purpose-built solution is said to detect spear phishing messages before they reach their targets

Fortscale's user behavioral analytics solution provides full context when truly malicious behavior is detected

82% of security attacks involve stolen user credentials. UBA is the best type of tool to determine when those credentials are being used for malicious purposes

Will the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation impact your business?  

The European Commission has approved the most stringent data privacy regulation anywhere and it is sure to impact businesses worldwide

Should you buy cyber insurance?  

With the number breaches reaching an all-time high in 2014 many businesses are looking to mitigate their risk with a cyber insurance

Block yourself from being tracked and profiled online  

The Internet has turned into a mass surveillance and profiling medium that favors the advertising industry. eBlocker aims to give users full control over their own data in a simple way.

New cloud access security vendor offers the full security stack, with solutions from 60 leading vendors

CASB newcomer Avanan says it can apply the the full security stack for applications running in the cloud

Intralinks is built from the ground up for secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration

Shared files are stored in Intralinks' cloud, protected with encryption and other security measures that get embedded into the files themselves.

Are you overlooking tokenization as a data security measure?

Tokenization is another way to obscure data and protect it in the event of a breach

Real business opportunities that are only possible through SDN

See how two companies are using SDN to do what they couldn't do before

Five Ways Shadow IT in the cloud hurts your enterprise

With good intentions, workers set up accounts in various cloud services so they can be more productive in their jobs. When the IT department doesn't even know about these "shadow IT" instances, the whole organization can be hurt.

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