Linda Musthaler

Linda Musthaler is a Principal Analyst with Essential Solutions Corp. which researches the practical value of information technology and how it can make individual workers and entire organizations more productive. Essential Solutions offers consulting services to computer industry and corporate clients to help define and fulfill the potential of IT.

More than just windmills and tulips, The Netherlands is the Digital Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands has fewer than 17 million people, but it is a digital powerhouse on the western edge of Europe. Many of the world's leading information and communication technology companies are setting up shop in Holland because of...

Incapsula estimates DDoS attacks cost $40,000 per hour

Incapsula just published its 2014 DDoS Impact Report, and the vendor estimates the average DDoS attack costs the victim company $40,000 for every hour of outage, and most attacks last between 6 and 24 hours.

ScaleBase takes relational databases to web scale in an instant

The relational database was purpose-built for the cloud and is said to be able to scale out easily and cost effectively.

Next generation Geo-IP filtering can be fine tuned to vastly reduce unwanted and malicious traffic

Next generation Geo-IP filtering can be fine tuned to vastly reduce unwanted and malicious traffic

The majority of the malicious attack traffic originates from just a handful of countries, and next generation Geo-IP filtering tools offer more granular filters that can cut some of the bad stuff off at the pass.

DNS is ubiquitous and it's easily abused to halt service or steal data

DNS may be absolutely fundamental to the way the Internet works, but it was never designed with security in mind. Here are four ways that attackers and cyber thieves are exploiting the Internet's plumbing to deny service and steal...

Indeni utilizes expert knowledge to preempt network problems before they occur

Imagine if you had a solution that could tell you if your network was misconfigured or a problem was about to happen. What if it could pinpoint what is causing that flakey issue that comes and goes? Indeni is delivering a network...

NetBeez is busy as a bee monitoring networks from an end user perspective

Traditional network monitoring primarily looks at the health and status of major net components. That's not enough to tell a story when an end user in a remote location contacts the help desk with a connectivity or application...

Pittsburgh is a vibrant ecosystem for high tech companies

Pittsburgh is a vibrant ecosystem for high tech companies

If you think Silicon Valley has a lock on all things technology, think again. Pittsburgh is nurturing and growing a new generation of technology innovators.

Software developers can test their programs for weaknesses at the SoftWare Assurance MarketPlaceā€”and it's free

Software is absolutely pervasive in our lives today. Our world is dependent on good quality, secure code. Now software developers have free access to an extensive online facility called the SoftWare Assurance MarketPlace (SWAMP). Here...

Encrypted data in the cloud? Be sure to control your own keys

Data encryption in the cloud is an absolute requirement these days. When you talk to your service providers about encryption, be sure to specify that you want to control your own keys.

Tool scans SMB websites for malware and vulnerabilities and automates remediation

Every day, 10,000 legitimate but compromised websites are blacklisted to help prevent people from visiting them and being exploited in some way. Unknown to the owners, these websites harbor malware or participate in botnets. 6Scan...

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