Linda Musthaler

Linda Musthaler is a Principal Analyst with Essential Solutions Corp. which researches the practical value of information technology and how it can make individual workers and entire organizations more productive. Essential Solutions offers consulting services to computer industry and corporate clients to help define and fulfill the potential of IT.

Silver Peak enhances its SD-WAN edge device to improve the branch experience  

The goal is more granular Internet breakout for better application performance and tighter security

CyberX assesses industrial environments for cyber risks, provides continuous monitoring

As plants integrate their large-scale physical processes with IT systems for data analytics, it increases the plant’s cyberattack surface, creating a need to continuously monitor the operational environment for threats.

SaferVPN says it takes the risk out of using public Wi-Fi connections  

SaferVPN’s cloud-based VPN automatically establishes a secure connection to take the risk out of using public Wi-Fi

SS8’s time machine is designed to automate the hunt for compromises  

Company says it can detect and predict where breaches are coming from without the need for human intervention

A cybersecurity risk assessment is a critical part of M&A due diligence  

As corporate boards get more deeply involved in understanding their own company’s cybersecurity posture, it stands to reason they would want to know similar information about an acquisition target.

How to achieve security via whitelisting with Docker containers  

Twistlock has developed techniques that effectively provide whitelisting to Docker containers

How to assess security automation tools

Understanding the differences between the tools that promise to ease your security workload

CyberTech conference showcases cybersecurity solutions originating in Israel  

Israel is developing cybersecurity expertise and solutions as a leading export. The recent CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv showcased both products and talent that are making an impact

TechDemocracy aims to provide a holistic assessment of cyber risk  

The company’s platform measures the effectiveness of existing tools and offers a consolidated view

As Baby Boomers retire, the shortage of mainframe professionals grows more acute  

People who started their careers when the mainframe was king are retiring in droves, yet this computing platform is still vital to many businesses

Secdo automates alert investigation with preemptive incident response  

Secdo automates alert investigation with preemptive incident response  

The company says its platform cuts incident response time by correlating alerts with endpoint forensic data, instantly revealing the attack chain, root cause, entities involved and damage assessment

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