Sandra Gittlen

Revamping your insider threat program

Whittle down application sprawl

When it comes to shutting down out-of-date, risky or unnecessary applications, James Gordon, vice president of technology and operations at Needham Bank, doesn't mess around.

How to promote harmony between marketing and IT

Want to promote harmony between marketing and IT? Try these steps.

Why IT and marketing should go out for coffee (or something stronger)

Sophisticated marketing initiatives that rely heavily on analytics and back-end systems integration are inspiring IT and marketing pros to collaborate more closely.

Hotspot 2.0 promises to redefine the Wi-Fi experience

In an ideal world, mobile workers would be able to automatically log in to secure, ubiquitously available Wi-Fi hotspots for high-speed access to enterprise resources rather than have to search for a local hotspot and try to log in or...

Next up for WiFi

Wi-Fi is blossoming in the enterprise, proving critical, as it is, to the agile, mobile workforce, and new technologies like gigabit Wi-Fi ensure the capabilities keep up with exploding demand. We assess the developments and emerging...

We can see you now: 8 Skype interview no-nos

From keeping the family out of the picture to remembering not to text while on-camera live, we highlight some don'ts that if avoided might help you land a job.

Analytics boost social marketing efforts

Big-name companies including General Electric and Best Western are maturing their social marketing programs and integrating social metrics with back-end systems.

Simulations in play: Real-world scenarios unfold in virtual environments

While gamification - the use of game mechanics within applications - is catching hold, simulations, which mimic real-world scenarios, are still a hot market for organizations.

The cloud as data-center extension

A year after Oregon's Multnomah County deployed an on-premises portfolio management application, the two IT staffers dedicated to it resigned. Other staff struggled to maintain the specialized server environment. Left with no other...

Want to telework? Not so fast, IT

IT pro spend their days figuring out how to support a mobile workforce that can operate wholly off-site, yet the telework perk remains elusive for them.

Putting the 'where' into your analytics

At EDENS, a developer, owner and operator of community shopping centers on the East Coast, blending geographic information systems (GIS) and business analytics has enabled a competitive advantage in a fast-paced, crowded market.

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