Tim Greene

Tim Greene covers Microsoft for Network World and writes the Mostly Microsoft blog.

TOR patch coming

The TOR Project thinks it has figured out how the author of a canceled Black Hat talk cracked its software to mask the source of Internet traffic, and it is working on a patch.

Apple-IBM partnership is a direct challenge to Microsoft

IBM and Apple are teaming up to create enterprise apps that can run on Apple devices that business customers can manage and secure, creating a formidable direct challenge to plans Microsoft is trying to carry out on its own.

Microsoft rumored to be buying security firm that publicized Active Directory exploit

Microsoft is thinking about buying an Israeli security company that yesterday posted instructions on how to change Active Directory passwords by exploiting a design flaw.

The Black Hat Quiz 2014

How well do you know the security conference’s revelations about NSA, pwned cars, spying cell phones and more?

10 changes CEO Nadella wants from Microsoft workers

10 changes CEO Nadella wants from Microsoft workers

Public criticism, looming layoffs say shape up or ship out.

CEO Nadella issues manifesto to shake up Microsoft

CEO Nadella issues manifesto to shake up Microsoft

A broad manifesto issued by CEO Satya Nadella seems designed to light a fire under Microsoft’s workforce in order to reach the new goal he has set for the company: reinventing productivity.

Microsoft says new hybrid storage options can cut costs up to 60%

Microsoft Azure StorSimple storage options mix on premises with cloud resources.

Dumping of Windows XP (finally) slows plummeting PC sales

Gartner: Sale of PCs is still dropping, just slower

Microsoft still having trouble convincing users to buy Windows 8

Survey says use of Windows 8, 8.1 dipped in June.

10 disturbing attacks at Black Hat USA 2014

Attacking car systems, Google Glass for password theft, using free cloud trials to launch botnets, more

Avoid the gotchas of Office 365 migrations

It’s a complex task that benefits from experience

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