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Tim Greene covers security and keeps an eye on Microsoft for Network World.

Endpoint security firm SentinelOne challenges traditional anti-virus software

Next-generation endpoint protection vendor SentinelOne has received the same certification that many traditional antivirus platforms seek, meaning it can be considered suitable for meeting certain requirements of industry and...

FinalCode keeps files safe wherever they go

FinalCode keeps files safe wherever they go

Startup FinalCode secures files so permissions that protect them follow them around even when they are accessed outside secured networks.

Next-generation endpoint protection not as easy as it sounds

Next-generation endpoint protection not as easy as it sounds

Rather than looking for signatures of known malware as traditional anti-virus software does, next-generation endpoint protection platforms analyze processes, changes and connections in order to spot activity that indicates foul play...

Google Capital likes CrowdStrike for endpoint protection

Next-gen endpoint protection vendor CrowdStrike has landed $100 million in new investments to beef up sales and engineering and continue its push to make anti-virus software obsolete. The company will hire at least another 70...

DEF CON: Come hack the Internet of Things

A competition at DEF CON 23 seeks to expose vulnerabilities in devices that make up Internet of Things.

Bitglass boosts security for data in public-cloud apps

Bitglass can protect data in cloud applications with fully searchable AES 256 encryption without degrading search times.

United routes root of outage to router

Cisco says it's offering help; NYSE, WSJ glitches unrelated?

Mandating backdoors for encrypted communications is a bad idea

Given the dangers of backdoors into encrypted communications, the FBI or any agency seeking to require encryption backdoors and legal authority to use them needs to put forward specific plans for public discussion.

Law enforcement backdoors open corporate networks to criminals

A panel of distinguished cryptographers says letting law enforcement have access to encrypted communications means more vulnerabilities for criminals to exploit.

FIDO two-factor authentication goes wireless

The FIDO Alliance is issuing a new specification for FIDO to support Bluetooth, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) and near field communications (NFC) wireless technologies in two-factor authentication tokens, according to FIDO Alliance...

Cisco to buy OpenDNS to boost Security Everywhere initiative

Cisco plans to buy up Internet security service provider OpenDNS for $635 million in cash plus other considerations to enhance its Security Everywhere initiative.

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