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Best Products 2007

2007 Best of the Tests headliners

A dozen products bubble to the top of the more than 120 reviewed last year by Network World testers

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February 29, 2008 03:37 PM ET

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Symantec’s BackUp Exec Version 11d
Product category BACKUP  AND  RECOVERY
Score 4.25 out of 5 (get the test results
Lab Alliance tester Tom Henderson Tom Henderson, principal researcher, ExtremeLabs

2007 Caetegory BreakerBest of
the Tests distinction

BackUp Exec is the bread-and-butter product on the 2007 Best of the Tests roster. While the category itself is not glitzy, all network data needs backup.  “Backup Exec pays a great deal of attention to detailing the type of data to be backed up (files, directories, partitions, snapshots, entire systems), and this effort pays administrators and users back by giving them extremely flexible restoration options,” tester Tom Henderson says. 
What’s new? Symantec last month released an enterprise backup reporting tool, called Backup Reporter that works with its Veritas NetBackup and BackUp Exec products to help verify backup service-level compliance.
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