100G Ethernet bringing Large Hadron Collider closer than ever to U.S. researchers

100G Ethernet bringing Large Hadron Collider closer than ever to U.S. researchers

The Department of Energy's (DOE's) Energy Sciences Network is gaining 340Gbps of connectivity to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other research sites in Europe via 4 new transatlantic links. The network will be used by researchers...


In search of killer meetings

In search of killer meetings

Should the weekly or daily meeting be killed, or can technology make such meetings effective?


iPhone 6 Plus: Just in time for some very cool Halloween costumes

DigitalDudz outdoes itself with these easy techie Halloween costumes, even ones that incorporate the iPhone 6 Plus


Analysis: Government's New Doctor Payments Website Worthy of a Recall

If the federal government's new Open Payments website were a consumer product, it would be returned to the manufacturer for a full refund. Open Payments is the government's site for publishing payments made to doctors and teaching...


4 Cool Free Tech Tools & Services Announced This Week

Google piles on the storage, and more, in this roundup of new free tech offerings


Photo of the day: Cellphones of protest in Hong Kong

Photo of the day: Cellphones of protest in Hong Kong

Protesters hold their mobile phones as they block the main street to the financial Central district, outside the government headquarters, in Hong Kong on Sept. 29.


iPhone Weirdness Quiz

See if you can answer these five questions about recent iPhone-related strangeness correctly


Stanford Promises Not to Use Google Money for Privacy Research

Stanford University recently declared that it will not use money from Google to fund privacy research at its Center for Internet and Society, according to a legal filing made by the school.


IBM cryptographer Gentry wins Genius Grant

IBM cryptographer Gentry wins Genius Grant

Work by IBM computer scientist and new MacArthur Fellow Craig Gentry could lead to more secure cloud computing.


Ig Nobels 2014: Science's craziest night set for Thursday at Harvard

The annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, honoring inventions in science, medicine and technology that first make people laugh and then make them think, will be held this Thursday, Sept. 18 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.


NFL QB turned Biggest Loser contestant also a software startup founder

Ex-NFL QB Scott Mitchell and current Kinum software founder battling to shed pounds -- in front of a national TV audience -- on The Biggest Loser.


Those are the breaks: Excuse any typos please

Those are the breaks: Excuse any typos please

Excuse any typos from me over the next few weeks: Just got a splint put on my broken right pinky (distal phalanx to be more precise) and I need to keep it only for probably 6 weeks.


Nothing says Welcome Back to School like a shiny cellphone station

Some schools make kids unceremoniously stuff their cellphones into lockers before the start of the day, but an all-girls' day and boarding schooll in Wellesley, Mass., has taken a slightly softer approach to preventing electronics...


Researchers take fresh look at lack of women in IT

Researchers at Baylor University and Florida State University say the IT industry has relied on outdated thinking about how to get more women into the profession and have put forth a new model to consider.


$50K awarded for system that sniffs out Web app vulnerabilities

A pair of researchers have been awarded the first $50,000 Internet Defense Prize for their work in combatting "second-order vulnerabilities" in Web apps -- threats that lurk on Web servers until the time is right to strike.


"Hardcore" Steve Ballmer still a screaming maniac

Ex-Microsoft CEO and new Los Angeles Clippers basketball team owner Steve Ballmer has changed industries but not his public speaking/screaming style.


See 1,000 little robots swarm

Harvard researchers have demonstrated a 1,000-robot swarm that self assembles into different shapes.


Stanford prof Mirzakhani first woman to win award known as

Stanford prof Mirzakhani first woman to win award known as "Nobel Prize in Mathematics"

Stanford Math Professer Maryam Mirzakhani earns distinction of being first female to win a Fields Medal, sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics


"The finest computers money can buy"

WGN America debuts its new series,"Manhattan", this month, dramatizing the story of the Manhattan Project.


Celebrating SysAdmin Day on Instagram

The world celebrates the 15th Annual SysAdmin Day on a social network that wasn't around at the start of this last Friday of July event.


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