Sorry to say good-bye

The editors here at Network World are sorry to say good-bye to Brad Reese and his popular On Cisco blog. Brad has been a staple here at Cisco Subnet for three years. During that time, he has covered every aspect of the Cisco...


Tolly lab test creating major dust-up among Cisco and HP data center gurus

Kevin Houston's excellent blog - Blades Made Simple, has generated a fascinating "sparring match" between Cisco and HP data center gurus. This ongoing "technical duel" is being fueled by the controversial results of The Tolly...


Cash appears to be Cisco's 4th most valuable product

Trefis is a new financial platform that lets you see how a company's products impact its stock price. According to its website: "Led by MIT engineers and former Wall Street professionals, the Trefis team builds a model for each...


Cisco competitor Extreme Networks looking to capitalize on Nexus 5000 shipping delays

More than 2 months ago I blogged about Cisco's widespread and severe component supply shortages and when Cisco released its F2Q10 financial results on February 3rd, it certainly appeared Cisco had been making progress in cutting its...


Force10 targets the large installed base of Cisco's end of life Catalyst 6509 chassis

Back on October 8, 2009, Cisco published again the end-of-sale and end-of life dates for its large installed base of Catalyst 6509 Chassis. Exploiting this formidable opportunity until the end of September 2010, Force10 will sell...


HP ProCurve leveraging know-how of Cisco's certified engineers

Amazingly, it appears HP ProCurve is leveraging Cisco's worldwide army of certified engineers to its own advantage. And how is ProCurve doing that? Well, ProCurve's pitch appears quite simple: Since Cisco engineers already have...


U.S. Supreme Court denies bid by Cisco's cofounders to overturn $19.5 million punitive damage award

This month, Cisco is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a public company. However simultaneously, Cisco co-founders Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner are being forced to payout millions in an arbitration panel’s award to David C....


Alcatel-Lucent knocked off Juniper and is now No. 2 in SP edge router market share

Network research firm, the Dell’Oro Group, reports that Alcatel-Lucent gained almost five percentage points of service provider edge router market share in 2009, reaching 20%, the first time in ten years that a vendor other than...


Together, Cisco and Juniper lost 10% of the worldwide router market in 2009

Network industry research firm - Infonetics, published this week its 2009 4th Quarter Service Provider Routers and Switches Forecast Report, revealing vendor market share standings for the quarter and 2009. According to Michael...


Cisco's storied past as the most valuable company on earth

Cisco celebrated its 20th anniversary as a public company this week. And what a ride it's been for Cisco shareholders. For example, in 1999, the average Cisco employee had over $250,000 in stock appreciation. Furthermore, at one...


How to setup Cisco's Flexible NetFlow (FNF) with LEGO Blocks

Network performance vendor - Plixer International believes that Cisco's Flexible NetFlow (FNF) is the future of NetFlow technology. Continuing its role as "NetFlow's technology evangelist," Plixer developed the following tutorial on...


Cisco CEO John Chambers sells 2.2 million shares of his Cisco stock 5 days after announcing Cisco was back to record profits

During Cisco's F2Q10 earnings call last week, Cisco CEO John Chambers bragged: "We're back to record profits." The next day I blogged about Cisco's F2Q10 accounts receivable issue: "Year over year (YOY), Cisco's accounts...


61 CCIEs dropped out of Cisco's highly coveted cert program over the last 30 days

According to Dual CCIE #18532 R&S/Security - George Morton: "Over the last 30 days we have seen CCIEs drop their highly coveted certifications at a much greater rate than net new CCIEs. "61 CCIEs dropped out of Cisco's...


Cisco IP phones praised in email to then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and First Dude, Todd Palin

In collaboration with, Crivella West Incorporated - a knowledge discovery company, digitized, analyzed and arranged this e-mail collection of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, First Dude Todd Palin and 7 members of...


New markets for Cisco not generating revenue, Chambers says

I've got to admit that I've been "kind of harsh" when blogging about Cisco CEO John Chambers lately. So thought I'd loosen up this time and blog about interesting statements made by Chambers. Racking my brain, I kept thinking about


Cisco's F2Q10 accounts receivable soar $1.34 billion year over year!

Source: Cisco Systems It's my personal opinion, that it's always a "Red Flag" when a company's accounts receivable increases year over year (YOY) at a higher dollar amount than the (YOY) increase in a company's net sales. So that's


Cisco joins growing laundry list of entities paying Melissa Hathaway to be senior security advisor

Tomorrow at 2:00 PM Pacific Time, Cisco will officially announce paying Melissa Hathaway (best known for authoring the Obama White House treatise - Cyberspace Policy Review), to be a senior adviser to its security team. Hathaway...


Turmoil at Vyatta as Cisco prepares to announce its Q2FY10 earnings?

Earlier today, the bio and photo of Dave Roberts - the Vice President of Marketing for open source networking vendor - Vyatta, was still featured on its website (now it's gone). So what happened in the space of a mere few...


Brocade BCNE most valuable cert on earth

Scrappy data center networking vendor - Brocade, appears to be offering networking gurus the most valuable cert on earth, the Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE) at $146,250, at least according to the average salary rankings of


Pineapple ratings get dished out to Cisco blogs that rock for 2010

This month, the Thinking problem management! blog dished out its famous pineapple ratings: Blogs and stuff that rock - Early 2010 edition According to the Thinking blog, its pineapple ratings are reliant on the non-scientific...


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