OpenFlow Supports IPv6 Flows

OpenFlow Supports IPv6 Flows

Software Defined Networking systems are gaining IPv6 capabilities...


Promise Theory

Promise Theory

The way we have created IT systems over the years has been very linear with each individual component being statically configured. If a human makes an error in any one of the many configurations, then the whole system breaks down. ...


Software Containers: Used More Frequently than Most Realize

Whether you have considered trying to secure an application by putting it into a “sandbox” or wondered how a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider keeps your application and data isolated from other customers, you have been...


ARIN Enters Phase 4 of IPv4 Exhaustion

After IANA allocated the final IPv4 addresses to the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) on February 3, 2011, the RIRs have been running out of IPv4 addresses over the past three years. APNIC ran out on April 15, 2011; RIPE NCC...


Windows XP: Goodbye and Good Riddance

There has been much written recently about the end of support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.  There are concerns about security vulnerabilities that will be used after Microsoft stops patching the operating system.  However, if...


Not your Father’s Flow Export Protocol (Part 2)

In the previous article we covered how NetFlow, IPFIX and the variety of other flow export protocols can be used to give us some application traffic visibility.  However, nothing gives as much detail as raw packet decode.  A new...


Your Father’s Flow Export Protocol (Part 1)

You may be familiar with NetFlow, IPFIX and other similar protocols like J-Flow and sFlow.  These protocols provide useful insight into traffic mix and communities of interest.  However, these protocols do not contain the...


The erosion of IT's middle class

As new technologies continue to emerge in the network, the need for highly skilled IT administration resources will grow just as well.However, the advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN), cloud systems, and orchestration software...


Clos Networks: What's Old Is New Again

Clos networks were first created in the mid-1950s as a method to switch telephone calls. Clos networks evolved into crossbar topologies and eventually into chassis-based Ethernet switches using a crossbar switching fabric. Now Clos...


Using SDN to Create a Packet Monitoring System

Because of the limitations of SPAN/monitor ports on switches, organizations have turned to using taps and packet monitoring switches.  These solutions can be expensive which has lead companies to look for alternatives.  Establishing...


gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap

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