Wally: A high-tech networked water leak detection system

The Wally system is a wireless sensor network that effectively addresses the problem of detecting water damage from broken or leaking pipes at a very reasonable price.



Is Wi-Fi killing us...slowly?

What would it take to get you to stop using cellphones and Wi-Fi completely? How about the threat of cancer against children?


Freeware: Febooti Hash & CRC verification utility.

Making sure what you download is what you think it is requires the publisher to publish a hash or checksum for each files and a tool to do the verification. Febooti has an answer and it's freeware.


Zipbuds: Earbuds with great sound, great design (particularly for travellers), and a great price

You can spend a lot of money on earbuds but Zipbuds, currently a Kickstarter campaign, not only sound good, they're well-designed, and remarkably low-cost and great for travel


Fluid: Turning Web content into OS X apps

If you've got too many browser tabs open and it's hard to find the one you want why not make the Web content into OS X apps?


Get a handle on repetitive tasks with Febooti Automation Workshop for Windows

Repetitive systems tasks can suck away your time if done by hand and your patience if you try to perform task automation with scripting or (yech) batch files. On Windows, Febooti's Automation Workshop is a great answer.


Installing Ubuntu on an old netbook with hair tearing and profanity

Installing Ubuntu from a USB drive on an older machine is easy if you have one key bit of information ...


Amazon Fire Phone: Nice but nothing to get fired up about

Amazon's Fire Phone is really nice but when you weigh up the pros and cons it’s just another smartphone with less brand recognition and no outstanding edge over the competition.



How to get your Google contacts back

Lost your Google contacts? Have they disappeared, vanished with nary a trace? Before you start drinking heavily, here's how to get 'em back ...


Bluedriver: Vehicle data capture for geeks

If your car was made in 1996 or later it has an OBD-II connector and with Bluedriver, you can slice and dice its performance and problems and with Bluedriver's data sharing feature you're adding your vehicle to the IoT.


Grammarly: How to make your organization's messaging make sense

Let's face it; most people's writing, whether it's memos, email messages, reports, or whatever, is, at best, poor (and in many cases downright atrocious). A new service, Grammarly, can go a long way to fixing the problem.



Time to rethink the CAN SPAM Act

The CAN SPAM Act is now 11 years old and as good as it has been, the Act needs to be updated to address the realities of modern marketing.


Sight: Web content indexing the hard, user-unfriendly way

Landscape Mobile's cites images as easier than bookmarks or emailed URLs but their Sight app doesn't convince.



RoboBees to save US agriculture ... in about 20 years

It looks like we're doing a great job killing off the bees with the toxic environmental mess that agricultural pesticides have created. So, how do we fix the problem? With robots, of course!


WeatherFlow Wind Meter, low cost, accurate wind speed measurement

If you sail, windsurf, kitesurf, fly a plane, or fight wildfires how hard the wind is blowing really matters. In some situations, such as firefighting knowing what the wind's doing and being able to share that data with others isn't...


Hacking PingPlotter, Part 2

So, how can we get PingPlotter to track only the active node on our network? Let’s create a Bash script!


Indix, the Google of products

Want to know what products are out there and their attributes and pricing? Indix is on the way to indexing 1 billion of them.


Flowboard for Mac, even better!

I covered Floboard for iPad some weeks ago and the recent release of Flowboard for Mac is even better!


SpeechTrans Wristband Watch : A small step towards the Babel Fish

SpeechTrans does sophisticated translations between many languages and with their SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristwatch Band they are trying to make translation even more accessible ...



You better not shout, you better not cry, 'cause you can't leave Comcast without telling 'em why

Comcast’s customer service is apparently unusually aggressive if you want to cancel your service and don’t want to tell them why.


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