Ubuntu Touch may be our last hope for a Linux tablet

Ubuntu Touch may be our last hope for a Linux tablet

The KDE-powered Vivaldi tablet project has been killed, leaving Ubuntu Touch as our only hope for a Linux-first tablet.


The IRS wages war on open source nonprofits

The IRS wages war on open source nonprofits

The IRS has denied one open source software company's request to become a nonprofit, using language that suggests it could do the same to the entire open source world.


The desktop-a-week review: Enlightenment (E17)

The desktop-a-week review: Enlightenment (E17)

I will be using a new desktop environment for a week at a time, and reviewing them afterward. Up this week: Enlightenment (E17 to be specific).


How I live cellphone-free in a cellphone world

How I live cellphone-free in a cellphone world

The cellphone-free lifestyle is becoming less common by the day, but it's not impossible.


What is Ubuntu without Bacon?

The impact of Jono Bacon leaving the Ubuntu team.


Mozilla embraces DRM. Wait, What?!

If there's one thing that the Mozilla Foundation hasn't quite yet mastered, it is the art of staying out of hot water.Hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding their appointment of Brendan Eich to the CEO spot – a move which...


Understanding the Fedora Next initiative through LEGO (kind of)

I set out to learn what, exactly, the Fedora Next initiative was bringing, and I ended up with a great analogy comparing Linux to LEGO.


LinuxFest NorthWest: A community-driven Linux fest of power

This last weekend was LinuxFest Northwest – the annual community-run Linux festival in Bellingham, Washington. And it was truly spectacular.[Full disclaimer: I love nerd conventions. I love them. Comic Book conventions. Tech...


Why we should preserve useless, old software

Open Source (and Free) Software provides a number of obvious, and often talked about, benefits – such as that whole “freedom” thing that the kids today like so much. But there's one benefit of Open Source software that doesn't get...


Linux distro 'elementary' grows up, starts paying developers

The elementary OS (the beginning “e” is lowercase) team has been making some big waves lately. First a video appeared that showcased the next version of elementary (code named “Isis”) and some seriously impressive updates, including


Mozilla's Eich steps down as CEO: A sad but necessary move

After 11 days on the job, Brendan Eich has stepped down as the CEO of Mozilla. At the root of his departure was his past donations to an anti-gay marriage proposition in California, and the resulting backlash from the community.I...


Canonical flip-flops on Ubuntu's controversial Amazon feature

I like Canonical. I really and truly do. They do their own thing, pave their own trail. They take Ubuntu and re-work it to run on TVs, phones, and tablets. Any day now I expect them to announce Ubuntu for Toasters. And that is...


Boycotting Mozilla isn't the best approach

Brendan Eich, the newly appointed CEO of Mozilla (makers of the Firefox web browser and the new mobile phone OS, FirefoxOS), gave $1,000 to support California's Proposition 8 (the anti-gay marriage proposition) back in 2008.Some...


Ubuntu phone isn't important enough to demand an open source baseband

Canonical is producing a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution specifically for smartphones. All good nerds know this – and are, in most cases, at least a little interested in seeing this mobile platform available on readily...


GoG is bringing 100 games to Linux

GoG.com, formerly known as “Good Old Games”, has just made a lot of Linux gamers very, very happy. The crew at GoG has announced that at least 100 of the games in their catalog are going to be gaining Linux support – one of the most...


Linux is like a cheese quesadilla

Today I ate a quesadilla. It was delicious.It had the perfect amount of melted cheese between a folded-over flour tortilla. But it wasn't the cheese that made this particular quesadilla memorable. Nor was it the tortilla. No sir....


Calligra 2.8: The Office Suite I am stupid for not using

Yesterday saw the release of the Calligra Suite version 2.8. With that release, I was reminded of a thought that has been thought by this little brain of mine multiple times before..."Why am I not using some of these Calligra...


Examining the ridiculous names of open source projects

I recently posted a little comment, over on Google Plus, about some confusion regarding the naming of editions of Ubuntu. That conversation grew from there, and I was reminded of some of the forgotten history of the strange, and...


Is Microsoft becoming an open source advocate?

People can change. And, as companies are made up of collections of people, so too can companies.I try to keep that in mind as I read through Microsoft's official response (which links to a Word document) to the U.K. government's...


gNewSense 3.1: The FSF-approved Linux distro that's stuck in 2010

Were you happy with your Linux (sorry, “GNU/Linux”) desktop system circa 2010? Is strict adherence to Software Freedom highly important to you?If you answered yes to either of those questions then gNewSense, which just released...


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