My Fav Free Forensic Analysis Tools

I was talking about colleges with my son the other day to see what he is interested in for a possible major. I was hoping and praying he wouldn't say English since my guidance there would be like trying to divide by zero or...


Cool Stuff about Cisco MediaNet

Robb and I were at Interop last week in Vegas taping a couple of episodes for TechWiseTV. (shameless plug: I haven't been to N+I in Vegas for five years. I went to N+I in India a few months back and that...


Windows Event Log Tricks

I was at a customer site the other day to look over some data center design plans. Of course like many things in a day in a life of a networking geek, flexibility is the key to getting to beer time quicker. The IT folks where in hot...


Trip Report: Cisco Data Center, Allen Texas

I love data centers. I always have. From my mainframe days to now, building out a data center is a true test of forethought and collaboration with many groups of folks. The Cisco Data Center folks opened up the doors to the shiny new


Five Geek Products That Really Piss Me Off !!

I gotta admit it, I love a good engineered product that solves problems that I didn't know I actually had until I use it and now I can't be without it! That's really how a good high tech product should be...almost like magic....


Geek book reviews

I like the month of October. Not only is it my birthday month, it's also when the leaves turn up here behind the cheddar curtain, great fall seasonal beer starts flooding the market, the bass are on bed will normally hit any lure...


IT the truly International Language

I am sitting here in Singapore finishing up the final leg of a two-week journey. I was invited to come to India for 10 days to geek out with engineers, conduct eight workshops and speak at Interop Mumbai. I really had a great time...


Stuff I learned from my 3 biggest network screw ups

My grandmother used to tell me that while painful, mistakes always make the most interesting stories and teach the best lessons. I certainly, do not go out to an account hoping to trash out someones network so I can learn stuff. If...


Who's the HOTTEST video game chick?

I was cruisin' to Best Buy with my son to pick up the video game "Kane and Lynch 2" just the other day. If you haven't heard about it, it's a awesomely violent game with tons of cussin' and head shots galore. Instead of keeping these


Do we REALLY care about what executives have to say?

We were taping two TechWiseTV episodes at Cisco Live this year. To get ready for a show, it takes a ton of set up and config time for all of us. Because of that we are on the show floor before it opens and stay until long after it...


Cisco LIVE! 2010

Bowling shirts...check, obscure reference T-shirts...check, all 16 episodes of Firefly on Blue Ray...check! All right who is heading out to Cisco Live this year in Vegas? This is Cisco's premier geek event for folks like us. Great...


Five things to pass along to new networkers

I received an interesting e-mail the other day to speak to a group of folks getting ready to graduate from a Cisco Academy in Michigan. (Baker College you are awesome!!!) The instructions were simple; speak about anything you want...


My Experence with Cisco Clean Air

Whenever I see a new product come on the market, I always wonder; "Who comes up with these names?" I would have LOVED to have been in the meeting when the names; 666 Cold and Flu Medication, Jos. A. Bank (who abbreviates a first...


The ABC's of Anybody But Cisco

Back when I was younger and my waist size wasn't bigger then my leg length, we used to have a Dude's code. With stuff like Lt. Uhura being the hottest possible woman alive, Wingman etiquette and girls dated by your close friends are...


Is Network Security a Dead End Career?

Hard to believe that I ever thought I would be sitting here wondering about the state of security as a viable career path. I have built my career up as a security dude/hacker for years, but lately I have been noticing a few things....


Prototyping 101

I love prototyping gear. That initial start up to check if what I designed works like I planned it to. The answer most of the time is NO, but that is a good thing. Many of the things I have developed have came about by trying to...



I remember when I was a younger kid zipping thru the hills of Tennessee, no matter where I was, I always tried to make it back in time to watch Happy Days. When the 45's started spinning and the theme song started, man that was a...


Is that a Cluster in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

High Performance Computing (HPC) is equal in coolness as your friends seeing you growlin' and prowlin' on a raked and piped out Harley on a summer day. To prepare for my CodeCave Spring cleaning session, I started looking at which...


Kickin' VAS with OpenVAS!

Twitter can be used for a bunch of useless, time killing things. Things like what a goober celebrity thinks of grooming a cat with a dog brush or the endless string of folks posting lines to songs. OK, I get it! you like Spandau...


Open Source Storage Options

I have said it many times before in this and other forums that I believe data center technologies are THE career path to get in right now for the future. Especially, if your background is plumbing....routin' n switchin' But man it


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