In Cybersecurity, the Network Doesn’t Lie

Organizations are collecting, processing, and analyzing more and more network traffic.


Massive Enterprise Endpoint Security Opportunity

Next-generation endpoint security suite could be a billion dollar play


The Increasing Cybersecurity Attack Surface

New technology deployment opens cyber-threat vectors and makes security operations more complex


Information Security: The Most Important IT Initiative in 2015

Infosec bests data analytics, cloud, and mobile computing. What are the ramifications?


Will Public/Private Threat Intelligence Sharing Work?

Past examples point to a mixed record of success and failure.


Book Report: @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex

Shane Harris's book outlines the good, bad, and ugly history of federal cybersecurity programs.


Endpoint Security Meets the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Many organizations don't have the resources in place to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to endpoint security events.


Challenges Associated with SSL/TLS traffic decryption and security inspection

Integration, organizational, performance, and technology problems abound


0% Cybersecurity Job Unemployment in Washington

A microcosm that demonstrates the consequences of the global cybersecurity skills shortage


The challenges of enterprise network encryption and security

Enterprises are decrypting traffic for security inspection, but it ain't easy.


Federal Cybersecurity Duplicity

President’s pep rally at Stanford repeated past promises and ignored the US conflict of interest between defensive reinforcement and offensive cyber operations


Enterprises Are Encrypting and Inspecting More Network Traffic

Large organizations recognize the benefits and vulnerabilities associated with greater use of SSL/TLS


Book Report: Countdown to Zero Day

Kim Zetter's book on Stuxnet sheds light on esoteric areas like malware analysis, process automation, and cyber war.


Antivirus Usage Patterns Reveal Hints about its Effectiveness

Enterprise organizations treat AV software like a flea market when they need to put in time and effort to meet security objectives


Factors Shaping Network Security at Enterprise Organizations

CISOs want network security that delivers security efficacy, operational efficiency, and business enablement


Endpoint Security Has Grown More Difficult and Tedious

Enterprise organizations say that endpoint security is dependent upon too many vendors, products, and software agents


Is it Time for Two CISOs at Large Organizations?

Enterprises need cybersecurity business AND technical leadership, which may require two senior positions.


Enterprise Organizations are Replacing Commercial Antivirus with Freeware

ESG research provides another indication that the endpoint security market is in a state of transition


Grading the President’s SOTU Cybersecurity Agenda

Mixed bag. The Feds need to do a lot more.


Information Security Tops the List of Business Initiatives Driving 2015 IT Spending

Damaging and costly security breaches make cybersecurity initiatives a critical business requirement


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