Enterprise Annexation of Endpoint Security

Malware detection, prevention, and response activities are quickly bringing endpoint and network security together.


Book Report: Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather

Great read for those who want to understand what might happen as a result of a devastating cyber-attack on critical infrastructure


Note to Executives, Legislators, and Consumers: Time For a More Serious Dialogue About Cybersecurity

Wave of security breaches illustrates the need to step back before moving forward


Network Security Challenges in the Enterprise

Enterprise security professionals point to unknown IT initiatives, lack of network security cohesion, and overlapping controls and processes.


White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Is Kind of Right – but Mostly Wrong

Cybersecurity progress in Washington depends upon the right policies and programs based upon the right technical details


Security pros speak out on SDN uses for network security

Large organizations see SDN and network security working together for malware blocking/detection, network auditing, and improving network management.


Virtual Security Remains Anathema to Many Organizations

VMworld hype masks the fact that many enterprises remain wedded to security appliances and are only “toe-dipping” with virtual security appliances.


Figuring out FIDO (i.e. the Fast IDentity Online alliance and standard)

Great potential but too much hype and confusion are getting in the way


Enterprise Organizations Need Formal Incident Response Programs

PCI and other regulations will drive this behavior, but CIOs/CISOs need to build an incident response program with the same focus, discipline, and rigor as BC/DR


My Final Impressions of Black Hat 2014

High energy, strong community, scary cybersecurity situation


Cloud Security Priorities and Synergies with Enterprise Security

CISOs must prioritize identity, data security, and security monitoring, and strive for a “single-pane-of-glass” across enterprise IT, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS


Anticipating Black Hat 2014

Cybersecurity event brings together an army of infosec nerds with a focus on threats, vulnerabilities, and innovative defenses.


Cybersecurity Startup Gold Rush for Venture Capitalists

Lots of money, lots of opportunity, and lots of risk. VCs should abandon status quo investment strategies and look toward services, industry solutions, middleware, and data security


BYOA: Bring Your Own Authentication

Enterprises should prepare for, and take advantage of, the consumerization of authentication technology


Big data security analytics 'plumbing'

Security analytics growth will drive growth in PCAP appliances, analytics distribution networks, SDN and middleware.


Threat intelligence lifecycle maturation in the enterprise market

A plethora of intelligence feeds are driving new products, services, and enterprise threat intelligence strategy.


The CISO-centric Information Security Triad

The CISO-centric Information Security Triad

CISO responsibilities are expanding and must be supported with the right skill sets, technologies, and industry recognition.


Board of directors will have a profound impact on cybersecurity

Board of directors will have a profound impact on cybersecurity

High demand will drive new intelligence, services, tools and executive cybersecurity skill sets.


Big data security analytics mantra: Collect and analyze everything

Big data security analytics mantra: Collect and analyze everything

Sampling security data is no longer adequate or necessary – CISO mindsets are due for a change.


End users must be part of cybersecurity solutions

End users must be part of cybersecurity solutions

It’s time to stop blaming employees and enlist their help.


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