What IBM can learn from its own cybersecurity business

IBM’s fortunes in cybersecurity improved substantially when it abandoned its internally focused strategy and built a business to meet customer requirements.


Enterprises Establish a 'Cybersecurity Cavalry'

As expert group gains status and budget, large organizations are moving away from the status quo.


Board-level Security Ratings Meets Threat Intelligence (BitSight Acquires AnubisNetworks)

Deal aligns cybersecurity business metrics with IT risk mitigation to bridge the perpetual communications gap between business executives and CISOs.


Yet another Proofpoint for Network and Endpoint Security Integration

Network/Endpoint integration initiatives gaining traction at advanced organizations driven by threat management and security analyst teams


Time to Embrace or Terminate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

A waste of time and effort unless cybersecurity professionals and the industry beyond the Beltway jump on the Bandwagon.


Proofpoint Report Exposes Details about Cybercrime Division of Labor and Malware Architecture

Hacker tactics are varied, sophisticated, and built for success. This report should be required reading for everyone in the cybersecurity domain.


Leading Enterprise Organizations Have Established a Dedicated Network Security Group

Numerous market ramifications as network security moves away from the networking organization toward the infosec domain


Palo Alto Endpoint Security Announcement: Proof of a Market in Transition

Endpoint security tools moving beyond AV, putting a $10 billion market in play.


The Mike Brown Era – and the Associated Pressure – Begins at Symantec

Wall Street and enterprise customers demand bold actions as soon as possible.


More Alarming Data on the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Network security skills and staffing continues to lag at enterprise organizations. Time to sound the alarm?


Cisco, FireEye Announcements: A Microcosm of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Market

Integration and services needed for cybersecurity efficacy and operations efficiency


Enterprise Annexation of Endpoint Security

Malware detection, prevention, and response activities are quickly bringing endpoint and network security together.


Book Report: Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather

Great read for those who want to understand what might happen as a result of a devastating cyber-attack on critical infrastructure


Note to Executives, Legislators, and Consumers: Time For a More Serious Dialogue About Cybersecurity

Wave of security breaches illustrates the need to step back before moving forward


Network Security Challenges in the Enterprise

Enterprise security professionals point to unknown IT initiatives, lack of network security cohesion, and overlapping controls and processes.


White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Is Kind of Right – but Mostly Wrong

Cybersecurity progress in Washington depends upon the right policies and programs based upon the right technical details


Security pros speak out on SDN uses for network security

Large organizations see SDN and network security working together for malware blocking/detection, network auditing, and improving network management.


Virtual Security Remains Anathema to Many Organizations

VMworld hype masks the fact that many enterprises remain wedded to security appliances and are only “toe-dipping” with virtual security appliances.


Figuring out FIDO (i.e. the Fast IDentity Online alliance and standard)

Great potential but too much hype and confusion are getting in the way


Enterprise Organizations Need Formal Incident Response Programs

PCI and other regulations will drive this behavior, but CIOs/CISOs need to build an incident response program with the same focus, discipline, and rigor as BC/DR


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