Endpoint security in 2017

Comprehensive suites, machine learning, EDR and vendor attrition will be highlighted at the RSA Conference and throughout the entire year.


Thoughts on incident response automation and orchestration

Projects are well underway and evolving, while commercial incident response tools continue to gain momentum.


Cybersecurity pros to Trump: Critical infrastructure very vulnerable to cyber attack

The Trump administration should enlist the help of true cybersecurity professionals, rather than political insiders, to put an effective national plan together.


2017: The year of cybersecurity scale

Cloud, IoT, mobile and digital transformation will place new demands on usability, scalability and enterprise-class features of cybersecurity analytics and operations products.


Security data growth drives SOAPA

Security professionals want better ways to analyze and operationalize the massive increase in security data collection and processing. SOAPA can help


Looking back to look forward on cybersecurity

There have been lots of activities over the past two years that will only gain more traction in 2017.


High-demand cybersecurity skills in 2017

Research reveals high demand for security analysis, application security and cloud computing skills.


New research reveals cybersecurity skills shortage impact

New research reveals cybersecurity skills shortage impact

New research from ESG and ISSA reveals that cybersecurity skills shortage is affecting organizations’ ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks.


Why CISOs succeed and why they leave

Data from an ESG/ISSA report reveals the most important attributes for CISOs and why CISOs leave their jobs so often.


Trump cybersecurity dos and don’ts (Part 2)

President Trump must balance partisan politics with the pragmatic realities of cybersecurity.


Trump cybersecurity dos and don’ts (Part 1)

President-elect Trump could make strong progress on cybersecurity while adhering to his campaign promises.


Goodbye SIEM, hello SOAPA

SIEM systems are becoming part of a dynamic and evolving security analytics and operations architecture.


Which job-related factors alienate cybersecurity pros?

Cybersecurity professionals become dissatisfied when security is considered an afterthought, their pay isn’t on par with the industry, and they don’t have opportunities for skills development.


Trump remains frighteningly behind in cybersecurity

Limited vision statement, lack of knowledge and bureaucratic intransigence could increase cyber risk after Trump is inaugurated.


Goodbye, NAC. Hello, software-defined perimeter

Like NAC, software-defined perimeter (SDP) is a bit of a niche today. But cloud, IoT and mobility will likely drive massive SDP proliferation over the next few years.


Election data models provide a lesson for cybersecurity

Garbage in, garbage out big data analytics models demonstrate that people are just as important as data sets and algorithms.


The scary state of the cybersecurity profession

Cybersecurity professionals are overworked and stressed out while their skills are languishing—a very troubling situation.


Cybersecurity: A Priority for Next POTUS

Nearly half of cybersecurity professionals believe that cybersecurity should be the top overall priority for the 45th president


Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Long known for endpoint security, Trend now offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for enterprise organizations


Cybersecurity isn’t always a 'boardroom issue'

More than one quarter of cybersecurity professionals say their CISO’s participation level with the board is inadequate.


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