Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – YES, Linux!

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – YES, Linux!

Microsoft's latest SQL Server is rolling out not only just on Windows, but also on Linux, with GREAT experiences in shifting key production workloads over to Linux-based Microsoft SQL Servers!


Microsoft Matter Center – Office 365 Legal Industry Case Management Add-in

Microsoft Matter Center is a (free) add-in to Office 365 to support the legal industry in case and content management leveraging the core capabilities of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.


Microsoft’s Azure Stack TP2 Further Strengthens the Hybrid Azure Public / On-prem Environment

Microsoft’s Azure Stack TP2 Further Strengthens the Hybrid Azure Public / On-prem Environment

Microsoft released the 2nd edition of their Azure Stack platform intended for enterprises and hosters to run cloud-scale environments on their own premise. This release has provided a solid platform for the implementation and testing...


Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Gives Mac Users More Windows Functionality

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Gives Mac Users More Windows Functionality

Parallels releases a new version of their virtualization software for the Mac that makes Mac/Windows integration more seamless along with tools and performance enhancements.


Doing eDiscovery, Litigation Hold, and Addressing Journaling in Office 365

Office 365 provides a whole new series of tools to address Litigation Hold and eDiscovery of content that is very different than what organizations may have done in Exchange Servers on-premise in the past. As such, complete new best...


Truly Understanding Microsoft’s Azure Stack

Truly Understanding Microsoft’s Azure Stack

After hands-on preview experience with Microsoft's Azure Stack, there's a GREAT future on where Azure Stack fits in to hosters and enterprises. This article shares a real world snapshot of what Azure Stack and do!


Solidifying Microsoft Azure Security for SharePoint and SQL in the Cloud

Solidifying Microsoft Azure Security for SharePoint and SQL in the Cloud

Best Practices to ensure data stored in SQL and SharePoint are protected when stored up in Microsoft Azure in the cloud.


Leveraging Microsoft Azure as your disaster recovery/failover data center

Using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to replicate VMs to Azure.


Virtual Machine Runbook for System Center Orchestrator 2012R2

This content is the documented script that we will be demonstrating at Microsoft TechEd in Houston on May 13, 2014 in session DCIM-B330 "Best Practices Integrating On-Premise Datacenters with Azure IaaS" at 10:15am-11:30am, Ballroom...


Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM

For organizations that are already managing their Windows systems using Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (2012, 2012R2) that have Apple Macs in their environment, the company Parallels (maker of the virtual machine...


Top initiatives in IT operations for 2014-2015

In conversations with I.T. executives over the past couple months, I found the I.T. “projects” and initiatives that seemed to float to the top of all of the organizations fell into a handful of core initiatives. Most of the...


Microsoft's Hybrid Cloud - Extending the Datacenter to Windows Azure in the Cloud

For more than two decades, organizations built datacenters and hosted their own servers and systems within their datacenters.  The role of the Information Technology (I.T.) department was to keep these systems within their control...


The New World of IT: Cloud, BYOD, Social Media's Impact on Corporate Networking

Over the past few years, the tech industry, that for the previous two to three decades was operated in organizations as the Management Information System (MIS) department or Information Technology (I.T.) department, has undergone a...


Microsoft Exchange Calendaring Problems - A Current Perspective (Mar/2014)

Over the years, I've written what have become the authoratative guides on addressing calendar corruption, calendar delegate, missing appointment problems in Microsoft Exchange.  I've gotten a flurry of emails and calls over the past...


Choosing Office 365 for the Enterprise

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-hosted service that effectively provides Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, OneDrive Pro and Yammer on a monthly fee basis. Instead of organizations having to setup, configure, patch, upgrade,...


Improvements to Microsoft's Skydrive

This past week Microsoft added a function that allows SkyDrive users to share documents for EDITING that does NOT require the recipient to have to login with a LiveID. Effectively, as long as you "share" the content for editing, the...


Virtual Networks in Windows 2012 and Azure VMs

This article addresses a key function built in to Windows 2012 that on first blush may seem like a complex technical networking feature, but that functionality has GREAT implications when extending your on-premise Windows to the...


Understanding and Implementing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

For organizations looking to "go to the cloud", as much as Microsoft has had Azure Services that allows orgs to rewrite their apps and host them in the cloud, this new Azure Virtual Machines actually allows you to build a full blown...


Showcasing Surface Tablet and Windows 8 at the Palo Alto Microsoft Store

I had an opportunity to speak at the Microsoft Store in Palo Alto, California, this afternoon and demonstrate the Microsoft Surface Tablet and Windows 8. I can't say I've had an opportunity to spend a lot of time in one of the...


Leveraging Microsoft’s SkyDrive for Cloud-based Storage

How often do you attach a picture to an email, send it to someone, only to later to want to dig up that same picture to attach and share with someone else?  Of course there’s Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc that all work great for...


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